‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Preview Teases Arie Luyendyk Drama, ‘Reality Steve’ Scoop Potentially Confirmed [Rumors]

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Things are getting intense for Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his remaining bachelorettes on ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season, and spoilers indicate that things are going to get even crazier as Luyendyk’s journey continues. Gossip guru Reality Steve has shared some juicy spoilers about what he says is on the way and a new preview shared by ABC seems to potentially confirm these explosive teasers. What’s the scoop?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s final rose ceremony goes through some twists and turns but finishes with a typical ending. However, there supposedly is no happily-ever-after for the Bachelor star and his final rose pick. Host Chris Harrison teases that the Season 22 ending will be mind-blowing and phenomenal, and spoiler fans have been curious to see when and if the network will start teasing this supposed jaw-dropping turn of events.

As it turns out, viewers didn’t have to wait very long. The preview released at the end of Monday’s show included not only spoilers for Episode 7 of Arie’s journey, but Bachelor spoilers tied to the rest of Season 22 as well. As Reality Steve points out, the final moment of the preview seems to sync up with the shocker that the gossip king says is on the way. Arie is seen looking forlorn while sitting on a couch, twisting something in his hands as a woman is heard sobbing in the background with Bachelor cameras rolling to capture the drama.

Reality Steve points out that if you pause the preview and look closely, it would appear that Luyendyk is fiddling with a ring during that intense moment in the latest preview. There is no logical scenario given in the initial teasers for Season 22 where Arie would be sitting on a couch, dressed casually, fiddling with a ring with a woman bawling in the background other than one that aligns with the Bachelor spoilers that have been swirling around.

This is just a quick moment in a preview that covers a lot of Bachelor spoilers, and fans who haven’t been following Reality Steve’s spoilers may not piece together that moment’s significance. Of course, it’s not unusual for women to cry during this journey, and Arie has made numerous references to struggles he encountered in making his choices throughout Season 22. However, this particular scene does easily lend itself to the stunning Bachelor scenario that Reality Steve says is on the way.

Will Arie Luyendyk Jr. “pull a Mesnick” as Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate? Will fans rally behind him or tear him apart when this jaw-dropping, “phenomenal” ending plays out? ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 season is currently airing on Monday nights, and the juicy finale is right around the corner. Fans are counting down to the final rose ceremony and “After the Final Rose” special to see for themselves if Season 22 of Luyendyk’s Bachelor journey really does end with a major, shocking twist.

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