Disney Rumor: Brand New Resort Could Be Built Over Entrance Of Epcot Looking Into Park

Danny Cox

There are a lot of things happening at Walt Disney World right now, but there is one brand new rumor that may have fans more excited than anything currently going on. Right now, two resorts are undergoing major refurbishments, and a new DVC resort is going to be built, with a Star Wars resort arriving sometime in the future. Well, there may be another new resort coming if the rumors are to believed, and it could be right at the entrance of Epcot.

Yes, there is some speculation that the park showcasing the world of tomorrow may end up getting a hotel/resort standing right over the entrance. According to WDWNT, rumored plans have a massive hotel being built right over the entranceway of Epcot and guests could enter right into the park from there.

As of now, the proposed plans have the resort hotel being built in one of two possible locations. One would be between the pavilions of The Land and The Seas. This would be a bit behind parts of Future World and have an entrance directly into the park.

The other proposed site would be over the main entrance of Epcot and incorporate the existing Disney Monorail station and line into the design. This resort design would be somewhat similar to how the monorail goes through Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

epcot walt disney world rumors hotel entrance park

A resort with an entrance leading right into a Disney park is not something that is uncommon to the House of Mouse.

Over on the West Coast, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel has an entrance that leads right into Disney California Adventure theme park. The same can be said for the Disneyland Hotel which hovers over the entrance to Disneyland Paris, which sounds very similar to the rumors for the Epcot resort.

As this rumor is going around, there is a rumor connected to another resort that has been confirmed to be built at Walt Disney World. The Star Wars-themed resort hasn’t even had its exact location revealed yet, but there is speculation that it will have an entrance directly into Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

epcot walt disney world rumors hotel entrance park

For now, all of this needs to be taken with a complete and total grain of salt. Disney has said absolutely nothing regarding a new hotel being built over the Epcot entrance or anywhere near the Walt Disney World park, but of course, anything is possible in the future.

Epcot does have a number of new projects going on which were officially announced this summer at the D23 Expo and they are:

With so many things happening all around the Walt Disney World Resort right now, it’s hard to imagine that any other projects will be started anytime soon. Rumors are always going to be around, though, and that’s exactly what this latest bit of information currently is. It will be interesting to see if it comes true, but the idea of a huge hotel outlining Spaceship Earth at the entrance of Epcot would be something to see.