Reported Details Released On The ‘Star Wars’ Themed Resort At Walt Disney World – Pricing, Opening Date, Theme

Last month at the D23 Expo 2017, Disney unveiled a lot of big-time news for movies, animation, and their parks, but can you actually believe that a Star Wars resort hotel is coming? Yes, that was one of the huge surprises that Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Bob Chapek announced during Saturday’s presentation, and he even revealed a lot of concept art for it. Still what else do we know? When is it opening? How much will it cost? Where will it go?

While Disney is still remaining quite hush-hush on things, some rumors are starting to come out and the speculation seems to be quite on point with what is expected. Many have wondered a lot of things about this new Star Wars Resort, but Disney failed to give much information except for a handful of concept art images.

Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, is the man who made the big announcement, but he left everyone on the edge. He let the world know that this new resort would be an immersive experience, but there was so much left unsaid and unknown.

As time has gone on, details are starting to come about and they’re quite interesting.

There is a lot of construction happening on the WDW property with the Skyliner, Toy Story Land, the Riviera DVC Resort, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Epcot will soon have two brand new attractions being created with Ratatouille and the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, but where will the Star Wars Resort hotel be built?

According to the Disney Tourist Blog, it is going to be built near Disney’s Hollywood Studios and it is expected to open after Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge makes its debut sometime in 2019. This is being done so as to fix any or resolve any issues they may have with the land.

The new resort is expected to be open and operational by Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2o21.

Considering this will be an extremely immersive experience, every single moment of your stay in the Star Wars Resort hotel will make an impact on your stay. This is expected to bring about a rather hefty price tag, but Disney has yet to actually announced how much a night’s stay will be.

The Disney Blog is reporting that there will be only 400 rooms in the resort upon its opening and it will eventually expand to 1,000 rooms. The old Disney’s Hollywood Studios entrance and roadway will lead into the resort once the park’s new entrance is complete

With the overall immersive experience of the Star Wars Resort hotel, the approximate opening night costs are expected to be $1,300 for two nights with an extra guest in the room costing an additional $400. Disney has yet to confirm that pricing, but it would make sense considering the amount of interaction and activity each guest will get in the hotel.

There is so much that is still unknown, but details are starting to come about and construction may only begin before anyone realizes it.

Walt Disney World has an absolute ton of new things coming in the next four or five years, and it’s going to make the magical vacation destination that much better. While the new lands, attractions, and restaurants are one thing, being able to immerse yourself in a Star Wars-themed resort is something else entirely. While the possible price and other details may seem out of reach, it will be interesting to see what Disney ends up confirming and if it will all be worth it.

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