Sources Differ On Whether ‘Southern Charm’ Star Thomas Ravenel Has Ended Relationship With Curvy Blonde

This afternoon, a source claimed that Thomas Ravenel, star of Southern Charm, has ended his relationship with blonde California nurse Ashley Jacobs, while another claims that Ravenel is deeply in love. The two met when Ravenel was out in Palm Springs for the winter polo season and have been together ever since, in both California and Charleston. But if Southern Charm’s Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs are no longer together, then why are photos of the couple still on their social media?

While some sources are claiming that Thomas Ravenel has never been happier, Ravenel still continues to rage on social media at fans who disagree with his political views and his parenting. First, Ravenel posted a political cartoon that said “Black Tantrums Matter,” mocking the “Black Lives Matter” movement. When Southern Charm fans said that they were contacting Andy Cohen of Bravo in the hope of getting Ravenel fired, he goaded them to do just that.

Next, when Thomas Ravenel posted a cute photo of his children, Kensie and Saint, with fellow Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, a number of Southern Charm fans pointed out that daughter Kensie’s car seat straps were not on correctly. None of the comments were malicious, but Ravenel went on a rant that seemed to threaten the fan of the Bravo series.

“If I wanted your advice I’d beat it out of your gross face. Have a nice day!”

On Saturday, a blog confirmed that Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis were not back together mainly because he was deeply in love with his girlfriend Ashley Jacobs from Santa Barbara. A source explained that Ravenel has no interest in Kathryn because he is in a “hot love affair” with Jacobs.

“Kathryn is the mother of Thomas’ children, nothing more. Thomas moved on long ago and has no interest in rekindling their toxic relationship.”

Another unnamed source said that Southern Charm star Ravenel is in love with Ashley Jacobs and that their relationship is the “real deal.”

“Thomas is head over heels. He dashed straight from the reunion taping to California to be with Ashley. He considers her the love of his life. She’s beautiful, smart, and independent, the complete package.”

But the same article also said that former Southern Charm couple Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis are still embroiled in a custody battle and that their next hearing is in September. However, that isn’t the case, as Ravenel and Dennis have a hearing in Charleston this week.

Will Folks of Fitsnews confirmed that Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel will be in court this week (another source says the meeting/hearing is on Wednesday) presumably to sign the custody and parenting agreement they have drawn up. Will says that a source familiar with the negotiations believes that there is no reason the agreement won’t be signed by both parties. Thomas and Kathryn are said to be on good terms lately, and it is obviously in everyone’s best interest to strike this agreement outside the control of the court.

“There is a level of trust and mutual respect and empathy [between the two that should] enable (them) to move forward outside the court system.”

But today, the same source who spoke of Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel’s deep real love for Ashley Jacobs on Saturday broke the story today that Ravenel is back on the market after breaking up with Jacobs.


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They say that the relationship between Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs was hot and heavy, and then it suddenly fizzled. They claim that there is no reason as to why the relationship suddenly ended, but they “speculate” that “train wreck baby mama Kathryn” is at the root of the break-up.

But on Ashley Jacobs’ Instagram, photos of the two looking quite chummy are still posted, along with pics of Ashley with Landon and Whitney. On Thomas Ravenel’s Instagram, Southern Charm fans in Santa Barbara said they saw him taking an intimate walk this weekend with a woman who sounds a lot like Ashley, but time will tell.

Which story do you think is true? Is Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel “madly in love,” or has he just broken up with nurse Ashley Jacobs? Do you think Thomas and Kathryn will sign their parenting agreement this week?

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