Was Alcohol To Blame For Bizarre ‘Southern Charm’ Dinner Party At Thomas Ravenel’s?

Fans of Southern Charm are still scratching their heads, trying to figure out how and why the dinner party at Thomas Ravenel’s house went down the toilet on last week’s Southern Charm, but some are suggesting that alcohol might have had something to do with it. Others are suggesting that Thomas Ravenel was attempting to be witty, but lost his bearings when his guests reacted to his insults, and ended up chasing them into the streets. Whatever the cause, it was really odd, and with talk of substance abuse and the cast of Southern Charm, fans are wondering what really happened?

According to the Inquisitr, though the cast of Southern Charm are pointing fingers at Kathryn Dennis, there have been arrests and time behind bars concerning other members, including an executive producer. The mother of Whitney Sudler-Smith, an executive producer of Southern Charm, and a cast member, Patricia Altschul, has been the ring leader when it comes to making accusations about Kathryn Dennis, though it has been reported that Altschul has some issues telling the truth, according to a socialite who claims Altschul lied to Architectural Digest about who she really is, and where she is from (Altschul is from Florida, though the article claimed she was from Virginia).

The Post and Courier is suggesting that the Southern Charm dinner at the new home of Thomas Ravenel was such a disaster that it might have served as a public service announcement about drinking and hosting dinner parties. The Post and Courier likened Thomas Ravenel to Bruce Banner from The Incredible Hulk where a “mild mannered scientist” turns into an angry green monster, capable of flipping cars. They also said that Thomas’ face contorted like the Exorcist.

“So, one moment, the meat and cheese tray has been carried off, everyone has a cocktail or glass of champagne, waiting for some seasonal soup or salad or whatever, and then, BAM!… total Armageddon. In a skinny minute, it’s as if the cast has been transported to one of Dante’s Circles of Hell.”

The irony is that Thomas Ravenel didn’t invite Whitney and Whitney’s mommy for fear of an ugly and vulgar outburst. Well, no need to invite Whitney when you are planning one yourself, right? It’s hard to imagine — if Thomas was in his right mind — what he thought would happen when after a few drinks; he insulted all of his friends at the dinner table, but the Post and Courier described the attack perfectly.

“Thomas licks his lips like a wild jackal about to attack a lone gazelle. He spews insults at Shep about his mother and an allowance, trust funds and boarding schools. Cooper Ray covers his eyes as if Thomas’ head has become Medusa’s. The foul language has gurgled up to the tip of Thomas’ tongue with almost every sentence.”

People Magazine says that according to Shep Rose, the Southern Charm dinner party went sideways very quickly. Rose says that the dinner guests had been served cocktails before being asked to the table, but they hadn’t even been served their salads when all hell broke loose. Ravenel tore his guests apart one at a time, and then after threatening Shep, the guests fled into the Charleston night in Landon’s Barbie car.

“We hadn’t even gotten our salad and Thomas stands up to make these toasts and, man, things got sideways real quick.”

Shep said, at one point, he really thought that he might actually have to fight Thomas Ravenel, as Thomas physically threatened him after Shep stood up for the women at the dinner party who were called out for being catty. There might have been dinner in the kitchen waiting to be served, but the guests didn’t get any (though K. Cooper Ray might have been lucky enough to snag something when the golf cart left the station).

Do you think drugs or alcohol had anything to do with the strange Southern Charm dinner party?

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