‘Southern Charm’ Spoiler Alert, Thomas Ravenel And Landon Romance Faked As New Girlfriend Appears

It looks like Southern Charm fans are being sold a serious bill of goods for Southern Charm Season 4, which started with a scene from the end of the fourth season. Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements take a walk and discuss their plans going forward, with Landon saying to Thomas flirtatiously that Thomas has his children and his house, and what else does he want? But no matter what is being put on the Southern Charm screen, there is no romance between Thomas and Landon, as Thomas Ravenel is making it clear that he now has someone new in his life that he met during his months in Palm Springs during his winter polo season.

Even though on the Southern Charm season four episodes that have aired so far show Landon protesting that she has no interest in Thomas due to his heavy baggage, it seems that she doth protest a bit too much, as she continues to mock Southern Charm star and fan favorite Kathryn Dennis, says the Inquisitr. First, she suggested that Kathryn only went to rehab to meet another rich man, and then she spoke out, saying that Kathryn continued to lose endorsements. If Landon wasn’t interested in Kathryn’s ex Thomas then why sling so much mud? Kathryn has publicly wondered where Landon was getting her information, as Kathryn had just gotten the biggest uptick of the season in endorsements.

And even in an interview last week, Landon seemed to admit that the producers of Southern Charm were pulling a fast one with the flashback shot that made it seem as if there was a romance with Thomas Ravenel. It seems that Landon was even more surprised than Southern Charm fans when the season was being framed around a scene where she is having what seemed to be an intimate conversation with Ravenel on a bench by the water for the Southern Charm Season 4 opener.

“That [Southern Charm] scene was quite a shock to me, so I was even more shocked to see that they used it as the opening for the whole season. But you have to respect and love anyone who will wear their heart on their sleeve like that and just put it all out on the table. Thomas is a great guy and I’ve known him for a long time and we’ve just been very good friends. Our relationship continues to grow and he’s got a lot on his plate right now.”

But now, it looks like Southern Charm fans will have to watch the rest of the season knowing that Thomas is being pushed by producers to make it look like he is pursuing Landon when there was never a chance at an actual relationship. On screen, Thomas seems upset at being put into “the friend zone,” but in reality, Thomas had moved on with someone new after the season of Southern Charm wrapped, and this time, it’s a blonde named Ashley Jacobs, who just started making an appearance on Ravenel’s social media.


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But even though Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel has just started posting photos of himself with Ashley on his social media (again, doing his traditional post and delete) Thomas had made his first appearance on her accounts as early as last month. Though Southern Charm fans don’t know much about Ashley Jacobs yet, here is what the timeline and social media reveal. Ashley Jacobs is from Santa Barbara, California, and that is where she lives and works as a registered nurse (she is a graduate of Santa Barbara High School).

Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel left Charleston mid-February for Palm Beach, California for the winter polo season, and returned to Charleston the first week of April, in time for the Southern Charm Season 4 premiere, so it seems likely that Ravenel and Jacobs met during his time playing polo in Southern California (if they hadn’t met before then).

But it seems as though Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel have moved their burgeoning relationship to the east coast, as her social media indicates that the two have not only been in and around the Southern Charm stomping grounds of Charleston, but it looks like Ashley has at least met one of Thomas Ravenel’s friends, Southern Charm executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith, who also posed for an Instagram pic alongside Ashley and Ravenel.


But Thomas Ravenel has also been sending his Southern Charm fans hints, which have since been deleted (shocker). One, in particular, showed Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs posing cheek to cheek with a curious caption that hints at Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis as his ex, but doesn’t mention her by name.

“Funny but my ex and I are both dating a person who coincidentally is named Ashley!”

That post lasted less than an hour, but a sly Southern Charm fan managed to snap a screenshot, joking that one never knows how long a Thomas Ravenel Southern Charm related post might last, so it’s best to grab a screenshot so that there is proof when he later denies it.

Do you think there was ever anything between Thomas Ravenel and Landon, or did Southern Charm producers try to make it look like a romance for ratings?

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