‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Fuels Talk Of Boycott With ‘Black Tantrums Matter’ Cartoon [UPDATED]

UPDATE: 6/10 noon: Much like his inspiration, Thomas Ravenel is doubling down, saying that it’s fine with him if he is fired by Bravo and removed from Southern Charm.

“Please have them fire me. Please.”

Now, Southern Charm‘s Thomas Ravenel is no stranger to controversy, but even this might be a step too far as a cartoon that he posted refers to the “Black Lives Matter” movement “Black Tantrums Matter.” As many know, Thomas Ravenel was a one-time politician whose career in public service was cut short by a cocaine conviction, but he likes to dip his toe back into the political pool now and then by writing articles and posting them on FitsNews and sharing perceived bon mots with his followers on social media. It’s not clear whether the original Southern Charm is scheduled to return to the Bravo schedule, but many Southern Charm fans are reaching out to Andy Cohen to scratch Ravenel from a potential new season. To be fair, Ravenel seems to have as many supporters as detractors when it comes to his political views.

Just last summer, Thomas Ravenel sat down with Charleston journalist Quintin Washington at the end of Season 3 of Southern Charm for a video interview that covered such topics as politics, history, drugs, reality television, and Oscar Wilde. Ravenel spoke about drug use and heavy drinking, as well as how poorly men are treated in South Carolina when it comes to parental rights. In the past, Thomas also posted on social media that he did not watch his own show Southern Charm because he was too intelligent for reality television.

Just before Thomas Ravenel posted the controversial political cartoon on Instagram calling “Black Lives Matter” “Black Tantrums matter, Thomas shared his thoughts on former FBI Director James Comey, which were not favorable.

“I hope the interrogation of Comey focuses on how he let Hillary off the hook for breaking the law innumerable times!”

And after posting these thoughts, Ravenel’s fans responded, and he went on to insult those who didn’t agree (though Ravenel does have plenty of supporters when it comes to his political views.

“Lordy, you are a lost cause aren’t you? #BlessYourHeart.”

Those who didn’t agree with Ravenel seemed to upset him.

“When logic and reason fail, resort to name calling. If it makes you feel better.”

But then Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel posted a pro-Trump cartoon on his Instagram page, and fans voiced their displeasure (and some their approval) with a drawing called “The Adult In the Room,” and the adult is Donald Trump. It shows children throwing tantrums on the floor (one is the “Black Tantrums Matter” child of color, and this has gotten the most attention). Trump stands in the center, looking trim in a well-fitted suit, making a pronouncement.

“These brats are used to getting their way!”

Some responses just posted the name @AndyCohen while others, like Instagram poster @sakartsara said that they were disappointed with Ravenel.

“I expected more from you – and I feel for your beautiful children, especially your daughter. The onus is on you to stop perpetuating perspectives that (I guarantee) will be damaging to your children as they grow up. Don’t leave them with the feeling that their father was a passive racist and misogynist.”

Others posted that they thought the cartoon was funny and wondered if Thomas Ravenel would run for office again. Many begged for Andy Cohen to no longer give Thomas Ravenel a platform for racist speech.


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Other Thomas Ravenel Instagram followers stated that they were okay with Ravenel supporting his candidate, but the racist speech was not okay, and that included @sarah.schaef.

“Trump is the one having twitter tantrums… The illustration is offensive by making light of black lives matter- poke fun at Hillary supporters and the media, but don’t poke fun at black lives being lost- put yourself in someone else’s shoes and gain some perspective.”

But it would not be crazy to think that certain political views could harm ratings regarding television shows, as Trump supporter Tim Allen is finding out right now. While it hasn’t been confirmed that Allen’s show Last Man Standing was canceled because of Allen’s agenda on the show, there is a great deal of talk online. ABC president Channing Dungey said that he canceled Last Man Standing, even though it did well because he was not interested in having comedies on Friday night. But fans of the Tim Allen comedy, which lasted five seasons, are calling foul.

Do you think Thomas Ravenel’s insensitive cartoon will harm the ratings of Southern Charm?

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