What ‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Revealed In Exclusive YouTube Interview Before Reunion Show [Video]

With the big reunion show of Southern Charm coming up, Thomas Ravenel is speaking out at length about everything from Charleston to politics, history, drugs, reality television, and Oscar Wilde. Yes, Oscar Wilde. As viewers of Bravo’s Southern Charm know, Thomas Ravenel’s speeches can cover the full gamut, and go all over the place. Quintin Washington got Thomas Ravenel to sit down for a chat as part of his series, “Quintin’s Close-Ups,” and Ravenel did not watch his words at all. He answered any and all questions about Southern Charm, life, and his political future. In the video, Thomas Ravenel seems like he could keep droning on and on for hours, with little link between topics.

According to the Inquisitr, the end of Season 3 of Southern Charm drew in the biggest viewership yet, as Thomas Ravenel’s dinner party imploded into a literal street fight. Thomas started the dinner by making a comment about each dinner guest, before the salad course. What was perhaps meant to be a witty speech by Thomas turned into an insult-fest, wherein he tore into everyone, suggesting that he was the only person at the table really making a living and not dependent on parental support.

TamaraTattles called the interview interesting, — and that is putting it mildly — as Ravenel doesn’t hold back, particularly about his baby mama Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis and how men are treated unfairly in South Carolina when it comes to parental rights. Thomas explained that the reason Kathryn’s failed drug test was made public was because, despite both parents wanting to seal the records, the judge said “no,” considering everyone involved, including the children, are public figures. (Though, obviously, toddlers are not making this choice nor have any say.)

Thomas also talked in the interview at length about what it means to have the court involved in your daily life. It means no more heavy drinking and drugs; but, Thomas counters, saying that his comments don’t indicate that he was using drugs. Thomas stopped himself, saying, “not that I use drugs.” Then, Thomas went on one of several diatribes, saying that alcohol is legal and yet people generally drunk and beat their spouses. But, when people smoke pot, the only thing injured is a bag of Doritos.

Tamaratattles also reports that there are other bad things that happen when someone drinks too much, and Thomas Ravenel has been there and done that.

“Yes, Thomas, and men also get drunk and intimidate women after an argument that began when a man nearly drowned his baby in a pool while drunk. HYPOTHETICALLY.”

Quintin Washington mentions to Thomas Ravenel that he interviewed him in 2013, before Southern Charm, and just after he got out of Federal prison for using and distributing cocaine. Washington mentions that Thomas Ravenel was able to go from fresh out of the pokey to a reality television star on Southern Charm. He wonders, how did that happen? Thomas Ravenel said that “some guy” around Charleston introduced him to a guy he had never met from out of town named Whitney Sudler-Smith, who wanted to do a docu-drama about life in Charleston.

After talking about how hard it was to get actual locals to participate in Southern Charm, it was said that Thomas “starts to lose his sobriety.” Then, there is a really awkward segue into a conversation about whether Thomas Ravenel did or didn’t have sex with cast member Landon Clements, and whether others simply “connected the dots” about their “friendship.”

Reality Tea said that the Quintin Washington video is less of an interview and more of a rant, courtesy of Thomas Ravenel. They say the “fifty-something” playboy Lothario “seems to be riding a “bourbon high,” even when he was allegedly stone-cold sober. Quintin calmly asks Thomas Ravenel what he is wrestling with now in his life, and Thomas answers seriously by stating that estrogen is the most lethal substance that has a hold on him and his life.

“The most explicit substance on the face of this earth is estrogen. Think about that one. You know, I’m in a difficult position. My priority first and foremost is my children and I’m concerned about what they think about their father. A large part of that is how I treat their mother. So, when I’m talking about her, sometimes it’s best to say nothing and wait for the moment to pass. I’ll just smile and say next question.”

But, one of the funniest things that Thomas includes in his 30 minute humble brag is that there is something about him that draws the attention of people wherever he goes, whether he’s just walking around or in a bar. Thomas Ravenel explains that he can walk into a bar with Southern Charm co-star Whitney Sudler-Smith, and every time, the people in the bar totally ignore Whitney, and gravitate toward him for no reason. Sure, Thomas. Fans are sure Whitney would agree.

What is your impression of the video of Southern Charm featuring Thomas Ravenel? Do you think Thomas Ravenel is clean and sober throughout the interview with Quintin Washington?

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