Next Chapter For ‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis And Thomas Ravenel Is Mediation

It’s possible that the upcoming fourth season of Southern Charm might be the best yet, with the added drama of Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel battling through mediation while the season is running. Sure, last season the show was interesting, with the infamous Thomas Ravenel dinner party, but the feuding behind the scenes, which exploded on the reunion was far more, well, real.

Last season, fans waited to see what really happened at the Thomas Ravenel dinner party from hell that was teased from the first episode and on, says the Inquisitr. Some were secretly taking bets if Ravenel and Shep Rose would actually throw down as Ravenel chased his dinner guests into the Charleston night. If you recall, Ravenel went around the table, first seeming to kindly rib them, but then it turned ugly, in a pot kettle way, as Ravenel suggested his guests were all living off of family money. At the reunion, the cast seemed to say that all was forgiven, but is it really?

But aside from the mediation session that was the Southern Charm reunion, stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, who share the small screen, as well as toddlers Kensie and Saint Ravenel are heading to a mediation session to decide who will have custody of the two little Ravenels. Fits News founding editor Will Folks reported today that Kathryn and Thomas would meet with their lawyers on April 20 to go another few rounds in their ongoing custody battle.


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However, both parties are said to be coming to the table armed with kind of juicy proof that could tank both Southern Charm stars, according to sources close to Ravenel and Dennis. If the ammunition that both are carrying is revealed, nobody will leave the table unscathed.

“Mutually assured destruction.”

It has also been mentioned that Ravenel might want to tread lightly with accusations about drink and drugs, as it might backfire on him. For now, Ravenel has primary custody of Kensie and Saint, and has posted on social media that he has full and total custody, but sources say that is untrue, as Kathryn has had visitation every other weekend from Friday morning through Sunday night.

That was until Ravenel took the kids to California for the polo season, without notifying Kathryn in advance. In fact, she learned that her children had left the state on social media. However, while she is missing the kids, Kathryn is gearing up for season four of Southern Charm, reaching out to her beloved fans through Twitter and Instagram.

“Mark the date, sip thy tea, debuting will be the metamorphosis of me.”

This post alone sent Kathryn’s fans off, cheering her return to the Bravo show.

Reality Tea reacted to the Southern Charm preview video, shared by Bravo, and wondered what some of the glimpses say about season four of Southern Charm, and the relationship between Kathryn and Thomas. While it seems that that Shep, Craig, and new guy Austen Kroll will be doing their own version of cock fighting to see who will be crowned the top Peter Pan of Charleston, Thomas Ravenel insists that Kathryn is refusing to take a drug test, despite other cast members insisting that she is doing very well, and looks great.

However, with the mediation coming on on April 20, it might be that Thomas Ravenel has a vested interest in making everyone think that Kathryn isn’t doing well. For the record, Kathryn says that she is clean, sober, doing well, and lives for her time with Kensie and Saint. Kathryn Dennis has finally put her relationship with Ravenel behind her but is very grateful of the two cuties she has as a result of the often tumultuous relationship.

Do you believe the events going on behind the scenes of Southern Charm will be as dramatic as what fans will see on the show from Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel?

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