Questions Arise On ‘Southern Charm’ About Thomas Ravenel And Landon’s Relationship

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Jun. 20 2016, Updated 5:21 p.m. ET


On the season finale of Southern Charm, Landon’s friend Robyn seemed to confirm that Landon did indeed have sex with Thomas Ravenel.

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The rumors and buzz coming out of the new season of Southern Charm abound, and that doesn’t even include the legal action and Twitter insults swirling between castmates. But on the last episode of Southern Charm, the suggestion that Southern Charm Don Juan Thomas Ravenel had been hooking up with the giggly Landon Clements came up, and it has fans wondering if there is something going on and some proof in periwinkle-gate. Did Landon really show up in London at Thomas Ravenel’s hotel to hook up as Kathryn Calhoun Dennis suggested?

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According to the Inquisitr, there has been a serious rift on Southern Charm behind the scenes, and it seems to have boiled over. This was indicated by the dinner party shown in the first episode of Southern Charm, where Thomas Ravenel becomes unhinged and literally chases his guests out of his house. What followed was a series of texts from Ravenel suggesting that he had been carrying the rest of the cast, whose only other source of income was their mother and father’s wallets.

Bustle is asking the big question that Kathryn Calhoun Dennis wondered about on Southern Charm, and that is if Landon Clements is truly picking up the redhead’s leftovers and hooking up with Thomas Ravenel, 53. Now, both Landon Clements and Thomas Ravenel are both divorced, so there is nothing illegal or immoral about a hook up between Clements and Ravenel, albeit a bit incestuous within the Southern Charm cast.

Dennis gets much guff about her intimacies with other cast members on Southern Charm, but Ravenel has put together quite a list of young women he has bedded. The only woman he hasn’t been linked to is Whitney Sudler-Smith’s mother Patricia Altschul, who is actually closest in age to Ravenel. Well, there is still most of Season 3 left on Southern Charm.

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Bustle suggested that Clements and Ravenel seem cozy and flirty all of the sudden now that they conveniently live in town and within walking distance from each other. But since sex is a full-time hobby on Southern Charm, according to Bustle, they posed the question to fans: Are Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements really hooking up? Tonight’s episode of Southern Charm shows fans that Clements goes to her daddy for some additional funds, but could she be in search of a sugar daddy too?

Fans were tweeting about Clements and Ravenel having devilish grins at the party where Dennis questions Ravenel about the woman that has been decorating her daughter’s bedroom at Ravenel’s new house, and Clements retweeted those lovey-dovey statements about herself and Ravenel. Hardly a smoking gun, but curious.

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Reality Tea recapped the episode where Landon Clements shows up unannounced at Ravenel’s new home in town, bonding over the alleged mental health status of Ravenel’s baby mama Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, both suggesting that shock treatments might do her some good, like a 50s housewife who can’t mind her man.

Although it is true that Landon Clements does a similar brand of giggly middle-school girl flirting with Shep Rose, at least editing has suggested that she is honing in on Ravenel and poking at Dennis in a passive-aggressive manner, but periwinkle could just be a fashion choice and a total coincidence.

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On the last episode of Southern Charm, Landon is still indicating to Shep that she is in financial dire straits still after happily having access to so much money in her marriage. She is no longer living on the boat and has found a place in town close to Ravenel but still needs to bump up her monthly take. Sorry, Landon, but fans aren’t likely to pass the collection plate just yet.

But if Ravenel and Clements are trying to convince fans and other cast members they aren’t hooking up, then Ravenel probably shouldn’t have thrown Clements a big birthday party polo match this weekend at his Brookland Plantation on Edisto Island in South Carolina. Landon tweeted about the event to her followers, once again raising questions that seem to validate Kathryn Calhoun Dennis’ alleged paranoia.

Fans will have to see tonight on Southern Charm if another pretty young thing has captured the golden goose.

Do you think Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements are hooking up on Southern Charm?

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