Kandi Burruss Gives Update On Riley And Her Dad, Russell “Block” Spencer

The latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode showed Kandi Burruss’ daughter, Riley, finally meeting up with her father, Russell “Block” Spencer, after a very long period of estrangement. The meeting between father and daughter wasn’t exactly ideal, as Riley didn’t warm up to Block. Not only that, she was also caught in the middle of a heated argument between Kandi and Block over who was to blame for the estrangement. By the end of the meeting though, Riley did agree to move forward with Block.

So how are things between Riley and Block now? Has Block stepped up to his parental duties and is now a good father to Riley? As the episode aired, Kandi provided an update.

In response to a viewer who asked Kandi if Block has talked to Riley since filming that scene, Kandi said that he has. Kandi revealed that Block has been reaching out to Riley more consistently. Kandi added that she guesses a positive result did come out of the meeting.


Early on in the current The Real Housewives of Atlanta season, Kandi Burruss received a big shock when Russell “Block” Spencer’s girlfriend, Kris Kelli, unexpectedly showed up to her office one day and said that Block wanted to have a relationship with Riley. Kandi, who explained that Block hadn’t been around since the birth and never showed an interest in being a part of their daughter’s life before, was dubious. Kandi was torn between wanting to protect Riley from pain and disappointment and her having a relationship with her father.

While Kandi wasn’t sure of what to do, her mother, Mama Joyce, made it clear that she thought that Block was bad news. Mama Joyce railed against Block for never having stepped up to the plate, particularly in regards to child support. Mama Joyce demanded that Kandi demand that Block pay her the child support that he owes. Meanwhile, Riley seemed perfectly fine with continuing on with her life without her father in it and didn’t express any desire in meeting him.


Finally though, as the latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode aired, Riley agreed to meet with Block, provided that Kandi was there with her. When Block got to the restaurant, Riley looked very uncomfortable and didn’t seem to even want to talk to her father. Things got more awkward when Kandi and Riley played the song that Kandi wrote for Riley to sing, a song basically about Block being a deadbeat dad. When Block promised that things were going to be different, Riley pointed out that his actions thus far spoke otherwise. That prompted Block to tell Riley that she was “brainwashed.”

Not surprisingly, Kandi didn’t take kindly to Block calling Riley “brainwashed.” Kandi and Block argued over the table, with Block insisting that Kandi should have forced Riley to reach out to him. Riley shut the argument down by pointing out that Block’s the adult while she’s the child. At the end, when Block asked if they could move forward, Riley gave a not very optimistic sounding yes.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kandi Burruss revealed on November, 2016, that while Block has reached out to Riley, she’s still skeptical of his motives. Kandi also maintained that she never wanted the family drama to be filmed for the show.

Yet apparently things between father and daughter have improved since then. On Sunday night, Russell “Block” Spencer showed off his strengthened relationship with Riley. He posted a recent-looking photo of himself with Riley and wrote that people are guilty until proven innocent.

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