‘RHOA’ Kandi Burruss Gives Update On How Block Is Doing With Daughter Riley

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta that aired on Sunday night again showed Kandi Burruss in tears over the situation between her daughter, Riley Burruss, and her father, Russell “Block” Spencer. The episode showed Kandi talking to her mom, Mama Joyce, about Block’s estranged relationship with Riley and the fact that he now seemingly wants to build a relationship with her. Later, Kandi was shown talking to Block on the phone as Mama Joyce sat beside her in her car. The phone call didn’t go well, resulting in Kandi breaking down in tears as she yelled at Block for making it seem as if it was her fault that he doesn’t have a relationship with Riley.

Has the situation between Kandi and Block improved since filming ended? Is Block now a part of Riley’s life? As the episode aired on Sunday, Kandi provided an update on where things stand currently with Block. In response to one viewer who asked her if the situation with Block has improved, Kandi wrote that it hasn’t. Kandi added that while Block has reached out again, Riley is still skeptical.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Block made it seem last week via his Instagram account that he, Kandi, and Riley were now one happy family. He accused the show of being scripted. However, that post, which he sent directly to Kandi and Riley, has since been deleted.

As the latest episode aired, Kandi also responded to other tweets regarding the situation with Block. In response to one viewer who expressed respect for Kandi for not making the situation with Block all about money but rather just about Riley having a father, Kandi tweeted the 100 emoji, making it clear that she appreciated the tweet.

Kandi agreed with one viewer who expressed incredulity that Block would expect to be a part of Riley’s life after not being there for her for 14 years.

Preach,” Kandi wrote in response to one viewer who criticized Block for behaving as if Kandi and Riley owes him an apology rather than owning up to his mistake.

Kandi also responded to tweets that praised her mom for sticking up for her in regards to the situation with Block. Kandi agreed with one viewer who tweeted that Mama Joyce sticks by her family.

Kandi found one viewer’s tweet that expressed love for Mama Joyce’s statement that unless Block pays the child support that he owes and continues paying support, he should face consequences in the form of having a lien placed on his property or his driver’s license taken away, hilarious.

Viewers apparently didn’t even see Mama Joyce really let loose on Block. In regard to the scene of her talking to Block on the phone as Mama Joyce sat beside her, Kandi revealed that Mama Joyce actually wanted to yell at Block but withheld her anger.

Kandi also expressed sympathy for moms who are going through a similar situation with their children’s fathers. Kandi told one viewer who said that she is going through the same thing as Kandi that it “sucks” that many of them have to experience it.

It doesn’t seem as if Russell “Block” Spencer is letting all of the criticism over his estranged relationship with Riley Burruss and treatment of Kandi Burruss get to him. Rather, he seems to be liking all of the attention that he is getting from being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. On Wednesday, Block posted a snap of Kandi’s appearance on the talk show The Wendy Williams Show, during which Kandi talked to Wendy about the situation with him as his photo was displayed in the background.

During Kandi’s appearance on the talk show, she said that she’s always open to Block whenever he wants to reach out. She revealed that Block actually just called her earlier that day. Wendy chimed in that Block called her because he knew that she was going on the show and so wanted to “squash that beef before it was overcooked.” Kandi laughed at Wendy’s statement but said that during the phone call, Block said that he’ll do better and that she hopes he will.

In his photo caption, Block didn’t criticize Kandi for speaking out about him. Rather, he just playfully told Wendy and Kandi “hi.” One person left a comment that seemingly dismissed Block’s critics as people who don’t know the real him and praised him for keeping his cool.

“nikki_riggins: Block do they KNOW you? I try to stay off of here… I am going to take a page out of your book and just ‘behave’….”

Block responded that he loves it.

“bigblockesc: @nikki_riggins i luv it!”

The same person added that from a business point of view, Block, who has a record label that includes his girlfriend, Kris Kelli, as one of its artists, is doing the right thing. The person pointed out that as long as people are talking, they’re buying.

“nikki_riggins: From a business stand point I see it and I love it too. As long as folks are talking they are buying… Block 101”

The commentator later revealed that she has personally known Block for almost 20 years now, including the time when he and Kandi were together, which gives her a different perspective on the situation.

“nikki_riggins: I know @bigblockesc personally and have for almost 20 years, including the time that he and Kandi were dating. I interacted with both of them so I have a much different perspective @vayshaunte. I am encouraging my friend. Thanks for your comment though.”

Coincidentally, Block’s girlfriend and artist, whom viewers saw on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta when she showed up unexpectedly at Kandi’s workplace to talk to her about Block’s relationship with Riley, now has a new single. On Sunday, Block promoted Kris’ new song.

Block also revealed that Kris Kelli will have a new album coming out.

Russell “Block” Spencer also seemed to make light of Kandi Burruss’ tears as shown on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, tweeting that the show needs a tissue sponsor.

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