Darth Vader Burger Begs You to Taste the Dark Side

Today was a big day for fast food news. McDonald’s is bringing its Big America Burgers to Japan, and now French fast food chain Quick has introduced the Darth Vader Burger to the world.

The Star Wars-inspired burger, complete with black buns, was released by the burger chain to promote the release of “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace in 3D.”

The Daily Mail reports that the burger buns aren’t actually rotting or burnt. The buns have simply been dyed black. The Daily Mail couldn’t answer, however, why Quick decided to create a Darth Vader Burger (spelled Darth Vador Burger in France) when The Phantom Menace lacks Darth’s sinister presence.

The chain has also introduced the Jedi Burger, which looks a little more normal, and the Dark Burger, based on Darth Maul.

The Star Wars burgers are only available until March 1st and they’re only available in France. So if there’s a disturbance in your stomach, you’ll need to book a ticket quick.

Here’s the trailer for Star Wars: Phantom Menace 3D.

Would you eat a Darth Vader Burger?

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