Big America Burgers Head to Japan McDonald’s

What food represents America more than a McDonald’s Burger? The fast food chain has re-released its “Big America” burgers, which include the Grand Canyon Burger, the Las Vegas Burger, the Broadway Burger, and the Beverly Hills Burger, in Japan for the third time.

The “Big American” burgers are provoking to responses from critics and McDonald’s enthusiasts. A beef patty filled with steak and topped with egg, cheese, onions, steak sauce on three buns doesn’t represent my area of the country, AND, where can I get one of these burgers?

For the moment, the “Big American” burgers are not currently available in the states.

The Huffington Post reports that Japanese people will be able to try four burgers from the Big American series. The burgers will be released one at a time, starting with the Las Vegas burger in January.

Burger Business writes:

“The Las Vegas Burger is touted as “reminiscent of a fine dinner in Las Vegas.” Well, only if you’re dining at McDonald’s. But perhaps the description refers to its “impressive cream cheese sauce” or that, in Sin City’s spirit of excess, the burger patty is topped with sliced beef.”

The Grand Canyon Burger includes three buns, a steak stuffed beef patty, egg, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, crispy onions, and steak sauce.

The Broadway burger tries to trick you that it’s healthy with its inclusion of vegetables. But the pastrami bacon, mustard sauce, and cream cheese sauce say otherwise.

The Beverly Hills Burger is the most basic Big America burger with lettuce, onions, avocado and Caesar salad sauce.

Do you think the Big American Burgers represent the food tastes of Americans? Are you upset that you won’t be able to try a pastrami bacon burger in the United States?

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