Hillary Clinton 2016: What Is Her ‘Very Specific Agenda?’

Hillary Clinton 2016. We’re all thinking it, even if the former First Lady, U.S. Senator from New York and Secretary of State is being coy about whether she’ll run or not. Now she’s adding a silly attempt to sound coy about what her agenda will be, hinting only that it will be specific.

An AP report quotes Hillary Clinton saying:

“If I decide to run, I will have a very specific agenda about what I think we should be doing. But right now, we have a big election, midterms 2014, that could determine the control of the Senate. And I’m not going to, you know, jump the line and start talking about 2016 right now.”

Seriously, does anyone believe for a minute that Hillary Clinton will pass up a shot at being the first female President of the United States?

At any rate, Hillary isn’t saying she will or won’t run in 2016, but if she runs… (OK, not she’s starting to sound like O.J.)

Anyhow, if she runs, she says she’ll have what she calls “a very specific agenda.” She’s not, however, saying what it is.

C’mon, Hillary, tell us what very specific issue you plan on focusing on. How much of a surprise could it really be? The whole world has had over 20 years to figure out what you’re all about. With the exception of a few flip-flops towards the progressive side of social issues that were so predictable they’re practically cliche, nothing has really changed about your politics since day one. Why not come out and say which of your pet progressive issues you plan on making your oh-so-special super secret “very specific agenda?”

We know your secret agenda isn’t protecting Americans. We saw that clearly with the Benghazi attacks. After all, “What difference does it make?” The completely needless loss of four Americans is only “minor league ball,” anyway, right, Hillary?

We know your secret agenda isn’t promoting freedom of conscience. You’ve made that abundantly clear with your stance on the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby case.

We all know you’re going to run, Hillary. Stop playing the silly little preteen games. It’s not like waiting until the last minute is going to save you any vetting. It’s not like waiting is going to stop the left from trying to talk the Republicans into nominating another middle of the road moderate who smells more of donkey backside than of conservatism.

Republicans, if they have any sense at all, are already preparing their strategies against the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign. Maybe she’s keeping her cards close to the vest — or as close as a Clinton can, anyway — to keep Republicans guessing which standard leftist policy platform wins the prize as the special Hillary Clinton 2016 “very specific agenda.”

It’ll be interesting to see, in the run-up to Hillary’s inevitable declaration that she’s going to run in 2016, what Democrats and Republicans think Clinton’s “very specific agenda” will be. What do you think? What very specific agenda item will be the cornerstone of the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign?