Hillary Clinton 2016: Could The Republicans Beat Her If She Runs?

Scott Rutherford - Author

Jun. 18 2014, Updated 5:17 p.m. ET

Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party nominee if she chooses to run. Write it down. Republicans would be wise to start devising their strategy to deal with a Hillary Clinton nominee in 2016. She doesn’t have a once-in-a-lifetime-chance opponent like she did in 2008 in Barack Obama. Nobody on the Democratic Party horizon is even close. She hasn’t lost significantly in popularity among Democrats despite the fact that her tenure as a Senator was uneventful and her time as Secretary of State was disastrous. If Democratic voters are willing to stick their heads in the sand with Benghazi, they’ll look the other way on anything.

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Hillary will run away with the Democratic Party nomination – and, let’s face it, it isn’t likely that she’ll take a pass on a chance to become the first female President of the United States. There’s no way a Clintonesque ego is ever going to let that roll by. So, yeah. Hillary “Minor Leagues” Clinton, it is. Who else are the Democrats going to nominate? Joe Biden? Please. The Democrats aren’t stupid. They know that nominating Crazy Uncle Joe would be every Republican strategist’s dream. Write it down -Clinton’s the one to beat in 2016 – and start getting ready if you want to have any chance against Hillary in 2016, Republicans.

So, the Repblicans need to find a way to beat Hillary.If they can do it, we have a chance to run the table. Gaining more ground in the House in 2014 is practically a foregone conclusion, and it’s entirely likely the GOP take the Senate outright. Even if they don’t, they’ll gain ground. Here’s the thing: Clinton is beatable, but if the GOP wants to do it, there are some things they need to keep in mind.

First, Republicans need to realize that the mainstream media are carrying Hillary’s water. They are not, nor will they be on your side. Don’t pander to them. They are the Democratic Party’s lap dogs. Don’t believe it? Check out this article in the New York Times, in which the writer practically runs interference for Hillary on the Benghazi situation, already going back to the silly rhetoric that suggests the attacks were inspired by a video on the Internet – as if that somehow makes it OK that the President and Secretary of State of the United States collectively did a grand total of zero to protect the American lives that were lost despite the fact that it was within their power to do so. Hillary thinks that those Americans’ lives were Micky Mouse – or as she succinctly put it, “Minor League” – issues. The media will run with that narrative. Don’t let them. Make sure that every single American knows the names of these four men come November 2016:


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