'1000-LB. Sisters' Star Amy Slaton’s Ex 'Living With Mom' After Being Kicked Out of Kentucky Home

'1000-LB. Sisters' Star Amy Slaton’s Ex 'Living With Mom' After Being Kicked Out of Kentucky Home
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1000-lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton has returned to her $37K Kentucky home along with her two toddler sons, two-year-old Gage Dion Halterman and eight-month-old Glenn Allen Halterman. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Michael Halterman has been staying at his mom's place. According to The U.S. Sun, 40-year-old Halterman has moved out of the couple's property ever since he faced domestic violence charges leveled against him by Slaton. The ex-couple then had an intense face-off at a Kentucky courthouse on several issues, including the shared custody of the kids. On taking the stand, Halterman explained to the judge that he has "currently set up abode with his mother, brother and sister." 


Halterman also revealed to the judge that he has been "crashing on the couch" at his mother's place since the three bedrooms are already occupied. He further said that his two boys spend time in his mother's room when they come for their scheduled weekend visits. Looking at the current scenario of Halterman's cramped living space and his mother's age, Slaton expressed her concern over the safety of her children. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, explained that his mother looks after the two toddlers in case he has to step out of the home on weekends to attend to urgent work obligations. 

Amy Slaton has been committed to fulfilling her "mom duty" on weekdays and Michael Halterman gets the chance to spend time with Gage and Glenn on the weekends. However, he has alternatively proposed full joint custody and wants to work out a schedule where he can take care of the children for just as many days of the month as Slaton. He has also worked out a plan to be with the kids for four days the first week, and three the following, but Slaton rejected the proposal saying that the kids would get confused with the schedule. 



According to InTouchWeekly, the 35-year-old TLC star has withdrawn the domestic violence charges against her 40-year-old estranged husband Michael, during their court hearing on Wednesday, May, 3, however, a civil restraining order will be filed separately. After their court appearances, the judge finally granted their wish to let go of their strict "500 feet-apart and no-contact rule to swap their vehicles." 

Halterman was then spotted at his former Kentucky home to swap his yellow Mustang with Slaton's modest car. He was seen hanging out for a long time as both the former couple worked on a jumper cable. Their interaction lasted about 10 minutes before Halterman took off in Slaton's car. He was then snapped visiting a few local mechanics with the car.



A civil restraining order is all set to follow suit and will be filed separately on the open divorce case. This will eventually mean that "no contact will be permitted outside of their privately agreed-upon contract; however, the couple will be allowed to communicate via text exclusively about parenting their sons."

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