Amy Slaton of TLC's "1000-Lb Sisters" Accuses Partner Michael Halterman of Domestic Violence

Amy Slaton of TLC's "1000-Lb Sisters" Accuses Partner Michael Halterman of Domestic Violence
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The 1000-Lb. Sisters star, Amy Slaton, 35, has filed for divorce from her 40-year-old husband, Michael Halterman. In a new complaint filed in Kentucky court on February 24, the reality star has leveled shocking allegations against her ex-husband. She has accused him of violent domestic violence and mistreating their children.

According to The Sun, Amy claimed: "When disciplining the boys he hits too hard. He pulls them by the arm. [Michael] throws things. The night of February 24, he got mad that I went to take the kids with my sister to eat. [He] won't give me money for our eight-month-old. He makes me do everything with the house, boys, and has no job.” 

Meaww reported that in a new development, Michael has been ordered to surrender all his firearms to Kentucky Sheriffs after Amy had filed an emergency protection order for herself and their two sons Gage, 2, and Glenn, 8 months, on February 28.  It has been reported that the Kentucky Sheriff's office will store the firearm(s) until the "required hearing is held or the action is dismissed." However, Michael is allowed to re-claim his firearms if the court does not order a domestic violence order or any other restrictive order. 


Amy has also made revelations that Michael is "mentally abusive" and "controlling." However, on March 7, Michael vehemently denied all of Amy's claims of domestic violence. He did admit he had an argument with Amy's sister "on or about" February 24. The judge presiding over Michael's divorce against Amy has granted them "temporary joint custody" of their two young children on a shared parenting schedule. According to the Kentucky court documents, Michael believes he deserves joint custody as both he and Amy have "been in a caregiver role for the children since birth." 

As decided on March 22, 2023, by the court the couple is supposed to enter a "shared parenting schedule," which will allow them to "maximize the amount of available parenting time." In addition to granting joint custody, the court ruled Michael and Amy must "remain at least 500 feet" from each other's properties and all communication must be made on an app supervised by the court.

The ex 1000-Lb. Sisters couple must also "not make any public statements or social media postings concerning this litigation or one another." And lastly, Amy and Michael must file their 2022 taxes separately, with each "permitted to claim one minor child and each being solely responsible for any resulting refund of deficiency." 


Amy and Michael went their separate ways in February after five years of marriage. Although the reality star did not take legal action to file for divorce immediately, she moved out of their shared family home and went to live with her sister Tammy, 36, taking the children with her. By March 13, Michael had filed for dissolution of marriage with children against Amy, according to Kentucky court documents.

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