'1000lb Sisters' Amy Slaton Moves Back To $37K Kentucky Home With Her Sons Amid Divorce

'1000lb Sisters' Amy Slaton Moves Back To $37K Kentucky Home With Her Sons Amid Divorce
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1000-lb Sisters’ Amy Slaton recently shared a glimpse of her Kentucky home, where she moved back in with her sons Glenn and Gage. Amy, 35, took to TikTok to share videos from inside the family's home since the court ordered her ex-husband to move out.

One post was captioned: "Brothers playing together," Gage, 1, and 8-month-old Glenn, playing with their toys on the floor of Amy's Kentucky abode. The short adorable recording captured Gage getting frustrated with his younger sibling as Glenn reached for the toy train car the older brother was playing with. 


Amy is seen singing the nursery rhyme If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands in another video. Gage showcases his cute dance moves to the rhythm. She captioned the clip, "Gage showing off his dance skills." Gage is also seen singing along with his mother into the caged plastic blades of an oscillating fan, clapping his little chubby hands, and stomping his feet as she instructs him to do so. Meanwhile, Glenn shuffles across the home's wood-planked floors behind his brother as Gage crawls into the kitchen. A stained wooden dining table matched the home's dark hardwood floor which was littered with toys, shoes, and other items. 



Soon Amy's fans took to the TikTok comment section and flooded it with love and advice for the reality star.  A TikTok user joked, "That sibling rivalry for real." Another fan advised, "Amy this is when you are supposed to say, 'Gage you need to share with your brother.'" Another follower said, "I love seeing videos. of the boys. Put y'all in them too and make them longer." "He like Michael so he won’t understand but try," suggested another fan. Meanwhile, another fan quipped, "They're making some Cowboys sounds ain't them fellas." One commenter wrote: "Awww so precious." While another remarked: "Such a handsome little guy."

After an explosive fight with her estranged husband, where Amy accused him of domestic violence and sort to take legal protection before being forced to move out of her Kentucky home. She then started living with her sister Tammy Slaton. However, Amy has now returned to the duplex located in Dixon, Kentucky, which is once shared with her ex-husband Michael amid ongoing divorce procedures. Michael and Amy moved to court to end their marriage in March 2023. 


She purchased the spacious duplex for her family, including her now-estranged husband Michael Halterman and their sons, Gage and Glenn. The couple purchased the house at $37k last year in July. The Kentucky house is only a 30-minutes drive away from Tammy's place. It is a 1,584-square-foot house with a red brick exterior and wooden flooring. Fans have got a glimpse of Amy's home earlier during an episode of 1000-lb Sisters'. The place was built in the '60s and features three-bedroom and a big backyard to play. 

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