Nancy Pelosi Says Congress Won’t Move To Censure Donald Trump

On Saturday, the Senate voted 57-43 to acquit former President Donald Trump on a charge of incitement of insurrection against the U.S. government. Moments after the upper chamber reached its decision, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said that she won’t move to censure Trump. As The Hill reported, speaking to a group […]

Nancy Pelosi Voices Safety Concerns, Says ‘Enemy Is Within The House Of Representatives’

During a news conference on Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened up about concerns over threats she and other members of Congress have received in the wake of the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, as reported by ABC News. She admitted that a bill will likely be required to increase funding for […]

Nancy Pelosi Should Be Arrested For Sedition For Attempting ‘Military Coup,’ Singer Claims

Philip Labonte, a self-described libertarian and singer of All That Remains, believes House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be arrested for sedition for her attempt at a purported “military coup.” “The Speaker Of The House asked the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to use military power to remove the Commander In Chief,” he tweeted. […]

Some Trump Supporters Believe Capitol Attack Was Cover For A Plot To Arrest Nancy Pelosi, Writer Says

Arieh Kovler, who last month predicted that President Donald Trump’s supporters would likely storm the U.S. Capitol on January 6, has claimed that some of the president’s backers believe that Wednesday’s riots were a cover for a much larger plan involving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “This is holding up already. The latest QAnon-type theory is […]

Trump Supporter Richard Barnett Identified As Man Sitting At Nancy Pelosi’s Desk As Mob Storms Capitol

Richard Barnett has been identified as the person photographed inside the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as mobs surrounded the U.S. Capitol and stormed the building, leading to a shooting that has left one woman dead. As KNWA reported, one of the most viral images from the confusion was a person wearing jeans and […]

#FraudSquad Trends On Twitter After Progressives Vote For Nancy Pelosi As Speaker

Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California was narrowly reelected Sunday as Speaker of the House of Representatives. As HuffPost reporter Matt Fuller pointed out via Twitter, only five Democrats defected. All progressives — including members of the so-called “squad” — voted for Pelosi, who is a centrist known for her decades-long opposition to left-wing legislation. This, […]

Nancy Pelosi Will Become President If Trump Adviser’s Plan To Delay Inauguration Is Successful, Experts Warn

An adviser to President Donald Trump has raised the possibility of delaying Joe Biden’s inauguration to investigate the unfounded claims of voter fraud, but experts have pointed out that this would put House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in line to become the acting president. In an appearance on Fox News, trade adviser Peter Navarro suggested that […]

Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky Home Vandalized As Anger Over Blocked Stimulus Payment Grows

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s home in Kentucky was reportedly vandalized as anger over the blocked $2,000 stimulus payments grows and the politician has taken much of the blame. As WDRB reported, someone spray-painted the words “Weres [sic] my money” on the Republican senator’s front door, an apparent reference to the direct payments to Americans […]

Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Is Smearing Reporters For Criticizing Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Journalist Says

Journalist Glenn Greenwald took aim at Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, on Friday for what he claimed was tantamount to smearing reporters for their stories on Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen. “Right on cue, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi — one of the richest members in Congress — smears reporters as misogynists for the […]

Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush Won’t Commit To Voting For Nancy Pelosi As Speaker

In a Sunday interview with CNN, a clip of which can be viewed below, two rising progressive stars refused to commit to voting for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Speaking with host Dana Bash, incoming Reps. Jamaal Bowman of New York and Cori Bush of Missouri — both of whom won […]

Nancy Pelosi Has Been ‘Systematically Humiliating’ Progressives Amid Democratic Infighting, Author Says

Author Matt Stoller on Friday claimed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “systematically humiliating” progressives in Congress. “This is insider-y stuff, but Pelosi has been systematically humiliating members of the progressive caucus,” he tweeted. “It’ll be interesting if she radicalizes some of them and creates the environment for real left-right coalition-building.” Stoller was responding to […]

Democrat Asks Nancy Pelosi To Refuse To Seat Republican Congress Members Backing Efforts To Overturn Election

A New Jersey Democrat is calling on Nancy Pelosi to refuse to seat the Republican members of Congress who supported the now-failed efforts to overturn the results of the election and keep Donald Trump in office. As The Hill reported, Rep. Bill Pascrell asked Pelosi to refuse to seat the more than 120 GOP members […]

Election Could Be Overturned & Lead To Removal Of Nancy Pelosi & Donald Trump, Writer Says

As President Donald Trump’s legal team continues to challenge the results of the 2020 election, writer Terry J. Richard suggested that a possible overturning of electoral results could lead to an outcome that removes both the president and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from power. “I think having Acting President Nancy Pelosi would be great. She […]

Nancy Pelosi Seeks Another Term As House Speaker After Democrats Lose Seats

On Friday, California Rep. Nancy Pelosi formally announced that she is seeking another term as Speaker of the House of Representatives, Politico reported. In a letter sent to her colleagues, the 80-year-old Pelosi said, “Our vision for the next two years must be built on the success of Democratic House Majority in the 116th Congress, […]

House Democrats Were ‘Yelling’ And ‘Crying’ In A Bitter Phone Call About The Election

Democratic officials in the House of Representatives have leaked details about a fiercely bitter phone call to members about the results of the 2020 presidential election. Though it appears that the party will hold onto its majority in the lower chamber, numerous candidates lost their re-elections and are voicing concerns about the future. One of […]

Nancy Pelosi Slams ‘Delusional’ Donald Trump For Saying America Has Turned Corner On Coronavirus

Although President Donald Trump used Thursday’s debate to push a more optimistic view of the coronavirus pandemic surge in the United States, not everyone is on board with his assessment. Notably, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes that Trump is “delusional” in his perception of the crisis, The Hill reported. “The president is delusional when he […]

Nancy Pelosi Gives Trump Administration 48-Hour Deadline For Coronavirus Stimulus Package

Amid stalled bipartisan talks for a second coronavirus stimulus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave Donald Trump’s White House a 48-hour deadline to come to an agreement for a forthcoming bill. As reported by The Hill, she allegedly spoke to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Saturday night, and the pair agreed that the legislation needs to […]

Nancy Pelosi Suggests She Is Open To Speaking To Donald Trump After One Year Of No Contact

It has been one year since House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump have spoken to each other, but the 80-year-old politician suggested on Friday that she is open to doing so. As reported by Fox News, Pelosi made the suggestion while speaking to MSNBC host Nicole Wallace, who asked if she would be receptive […]

Donald Trump And Nancy Pelosi Haven’t Spoken For A Year

Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi haven’t spoken to each other in a full year, according to The Hill. “I don’t speak to the president. I speak to his representative,” Pelosi said this week. The last time two of the most powerful people in Washington D.C. chatted was during a meeting at the White House exactly […]

Nancy Pelosi Says 25th Amendment Committee Is Not Specifically Directed At Donald Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently unveiled her plans to create a congressional committee focusing on the 25th amendment in order to determine if a president is fit for office. As reported by The Washington Post, the Democratic lawmaker said Friday that the committee is not explicitly directed at Donald Trump, whose recent COVID-19 treatment has […]

Donald Trump Alleges Nancy Pelosi Is Setting The Stage To Replace Joe Biden With Kamala Harris

In a tweet published on Friday, President Donald Trump alleged that Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is working to appoint California Sen. Kamala Harris President of the United States. Trump seemed to suggest that Pelosi and other Democrats will replace their nominee, Joe Biden, with Harris if Biden wins the presidency. “Crazy […]

Nancy Pelosi Is Taking Airline Workers ‘Hostage’ For Democratic State Bailouts, Reporter Says

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed on Thursday that Democrats in the House of Representatives would not support legislation for airline relief unless Donald Trump’s administration caves to Democratic Party demands for a comprehensive relief package, CNN reported. “There is no standalone bill without a bigger bill,” Pelosi said during a news conference. “The comment that […]

Nancy Pelosi Says She’ll Be Discussing 25th Amendment Tomorrow After Donald Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday that Democrats would be discussing the 25th Amendment on Friday. As The Hill reported, Pelosi was talking with the press about the stalled negotiations over a stimulus bill to give Americans relief from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. She made a brief aside to warn the assembled […]

Nancy Pelosi Slammed For Allegedly Turning Down Proposal For Coronavirus Testing On Capitol Hill

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise appeared on Fox & Friends Weekends on Saturday and took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for allegedly refusing to implement coronavirus testing on Capitol Hill, Breitbart reported. Scalise’s comments built off of Republican Rep. Rodney Davis’ recent frustration over Pelosi’s unwillingness to move forward with such a plan. “Congressman […]

Nancy Pelosi Urges Joe Biden To Skip Remaining Debates With Donald Trump: ‘One And Done’

After Tuesday’s chaotic debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thinks the Democratic presidential nominee should skip the remaining two debates, The Hill reported. “I think one and done,” she said on Thursday during a conversation with Bloomberg TV’s David Westin. Pelosi previously suggested that debating Trump would provide legitimacy to […]

Nancy Pelosi Says America ‘Needs A Strong Republican Party’: ‘It’s Done So Much For Our Country’

In an interview with MSNBC broadcast on Wednesday, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi argued that the United States “needs a strong Republican Party,” Newsweek reported. Pelosi, a Democrat, made the remarks during an appearance on Morning Joe. She described Donald Trump as a “rogue president,” saying that she hopes Republican lawmakers will […]

Nancy Pelosi Says Recent Bipartisan Discussion On Coronavirus Aid Package Was ‘Positive’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Tuesday said that she spoke to White House Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Tuesday morning and suggested that the conversation boded well for a forthcoming emergency coronavirus relief package, The Hill reported. “Our conversation was a positive one,” she said during an MSNBC appearance. “We’ll get back together tomorrow to […]

Nancy Pelosi Blasts Donald Trump’s ‘Disdain For America’s Working Families’ After Report Says He Paid No Taxes

Nancy Pelosi is taking aim at Donald Trump after a bombshell report claimed that he paid no federal income taxes for several years after claiming large losses, with the House speaker saying his actions show a “disdain for America’s working families.” As The Inquisitr reported, a new story from The New York Times looked at […]

Nancy Pelosi Is Reportedly Preparing For House Of Representatives To Select The Next President

In a Sunday letter to Democratic lawmakers, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged her colleagues in the House of Representatives to prepare for the possibility that they will be deciding the next United States president, Politico reported. Per The Inquisitr, Pelosi’s Lower Chamber would decide the U.S. leader in the event that Donald Trump and Joe […]

Nancy Pelosi Slams Donald Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination As Attempt To Destroy Obamacare

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement on Saturday that addressed Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court and accused the move of being part of a broader plan to dismantle the Affordable Care Act — also referred to as Obamacare. “This nomination threatens the destruction of life-saving protections for 135 […]

Nancy Pelosi Insists Joe Biden Should Not Debate Donald Trump

In an interview broadcast by CBS on Friday, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi doubled down on her suggestion that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should not debate President Donald Trump, HuffPost reported. Speaking with anchor Gayle King, Pelosi noted that she believes Biden would do well against Trump but suggested that there […]

Nancy Pelosi Slams President Donald Trump’s Executive Order On Pre-Existing Conditions

Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi offered harsh words in response to President Donald Trump’s latest executive order, which he claims will serve to protect Americans with pre-existing medical conditions. In a statement released on her official website on Thursday, the California congresswoman called the commander-in-chief’s latest directive “bogus” and further lamented his past […]

Nancy Pelosi Says She Is Not Considering Another Impeachment Probe Into Donald Trump

After hinting at possible impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday said she is not considering another inquiry, Fox News reported. “I don’t think he’s worth the trouble at this point,” she told reporters on the one-year anniversary of her announcement of the first probe. Pelosi floated the possible second impeachment […]

Nancy Pelosi Blasts Donald Trump: ‘He Knows He’s Crazy’

In an interview with Elle published on Thursday, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi discussed her contentious relationship with President Donald Trump. Trump has frequently insulted Pelosi, nicknaming her “Crazy Nancy.” He has also called the top Democrat “Nervous Nancy” and described her as unhinged. In the interview, Pelosi addressed these insults, asserting […]

Nancy Pelosi Says Donald Trump Can Be Impeached ‘Every Day Of The Week’

During a Monday interview with New York Times journalist Kara Swisher on her podcast, Sway, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that Donald Trump could be impeached at some point in the near future. The comment came after Swisher pushed Pelosi to commit to using more of her legislative authority to fight against Trump and the […]

Nancy Pelosi Is ‘Mentally Unfit’ For Her Job, Republican Congressional Candidate Says

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Republican Party’s 2020 nominee for Georgia’s 14th congressional seat, took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday and suggested that she is not fit for her position. “Nancy Pelosi is a failed leader who is mentally unfit for the job,” Greene tweeted. “She has a severe case of Trump Derangement […]

Nancy Pelosi Could Become ‘Acting President’ In January, Columnist Says

In a Friday piece for Forbes, the publication’s editor-in-chief, Steve Forbes, outlined the possibility of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi becoming president of the United States. According to Forbes, the current disarray surrounding America’s vote-by-mail system is all but guaranteed to cause delayed election results that will include a legal battle between President Donald […]

Nancy Pelosi Defends Not Speaking To Donald Trump For Months: ‘We’ll Work With Who He Sends Over’

During an appearance on MSNBC on Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi defended not speaking to Donald Trump face-to-face since October of last year, The Hill reported. In regards to the stalled coronavirus relief package discussions, Pelosi said she has been interacting with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin or White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. “Well, […]

Nancy Pelosi’s House Of Representatives Could Re-Elect Donald Trump, Columnist Says

In a Tuesday piece for Breitbart, the publication’s senior-editor-at-large, Joel B. Pollak, outlined a possible forthcoming election scenario in which Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives could end up re-electing President Donald Trump. The columnist claimed it’s possible that neither Trump nor his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, will secure enough Electoral College votes to win in […]

Nancy Pelosi Stylist Claims He Received Permission To Serve Her By eSalon Owner

The stylist who served Nancy Pelosi at San Francisco-based eSalon last month has come forward through his lawyers to offer up his own version of how her visit to the business transpired. Among the claims Jonathan DeNardo made through an official statement on Wednesday was that the Democratic lawmaker and the cosmetologist had permission from […]

Nancy Pelosi Slams Director Of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe For Ending Congressional Briefings

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued a letter on Tuesday to Donald Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, threatening to compel his compliance if he does not resume briefing Congress on election security issues. Pelosi accused Ratcliffe of abandoning his responsibilities and failing to inform Americans and their elected representatives of the security threats to […]

Nancy Pelosi Says Joe Biden Shouldn’t Debate Donald Trump

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said Thursday Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden should not debate Donald Trump because the incumbent president will “probably act in a way that is beneath the dignity of the presidency.” As NBC News reported, three presidential debates are scheduled for this fall, where the two men vying for […]

Nancy Pelosi Brands Donald Trump And Republicans ‘Enemies Of The State’

House Speaker and progressive leader Nancy Pelosi slammed Donald Trump and Congressional Republicans as “enemies of the state” for what she claimed was an attempt to sabotage mail-in voting for the 2020 election. As The Independent reported, Pelosi’s comments came on the heels of a new poll that showed just 45 percent of respondents believe […]

Nancy Pelosi Says Republicans Have ‘Major Doggy Doo On Their Shoes’ For Supporting Donald Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday and took aim at the Republican Party for supporting Donald Trump’s purported attempts to suppress voter turnout in November, Raw Story reported. “They must vote early because their [the Republicans] playbook is one that has all kinds of obstacles to participation in […]

Nancy Pelosi Slams Donald Trump’s Claim That ‘Deep State’ Is Responsible For Delayed Coronavirus Vaccine

While speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill on Saturday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slammed Donald Trump’s claim that the “deep state” purportedly within the Food and Drug Administration is slowing down the development of a coronavirus vaccine, The Guardian reported “The FDA has a responsibility to approve drugs, judging on their safety and their efficacy, […]

Donald Trump Slams Mail-In Voting, Claims Nancy Pelosi Could Become President If Election Is Contested

On Friday, during an address to the 2020 Council for National Policy Meeting, President Donald Trump railed against mail-in voting, suggesting that top Democrat Nancy Pelosi could become commander-in-chief if the election is contested, Fox News reported. Trump began his remarks by alleging that it could take “weeks” if not months to count the votes […]

‘Are You Really Going To Impeach Me’ Donald Trump Reportedly Asked Nancy Pelosi

President Donald Trump allegedly made a phone call to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ahead of his impeachment trial last September, during which he reportedly attempted to plead his case to her in order to head off the proceedings. A Washington Post report based on information from a new book called Trump on Trial: The Investigation, […]

Progressives Slam Nancy Pelosi For Endorsing Joe Kennedy Over Ed Markey

On Thursday, progressive groups and lawmakers slammed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for endorsing Joe Kennedy III over Sen. Ed Markey, The Hill reported. The two Massachusetts men are competing for a seat in the Senate. Pelosi decided to throw her weight behind Kennedy, even though she has previously argued that all incumbents need […]

Nancy Pelosi Calls On House To Return From Recess Early, Vote On Bill To Protect US Postal Service

Nancy Pelosi said that she would be calling the House back early from its summer recess, holding a session later in the week to vote on a bill that would protect the U.S. Postal Service from changes that could slow mail delivery. As USA Today reported, the House speaker said on Sunday that the chamber […]

Nancy Pelosi Slammed By Author For Taking A Vacation As Donald Trump Attacks USPS

Author Don Winslow took aim at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Saturday for what he described as inaction as President Donald Trump attempts to decrease funding for the U.S. Postal Service ahead of November’s election, Raw Story reported. “She can order all Reps back to Washington today,” he tweeted. “She can order emergency hearings on […]