Election Could Be Overturned & Lead To Removal Of Nancy Pelosi & Donald Trump, Writer Says

As President Donald Trump’s legal team continues to challenge the results of the 2020 election, writer Terry J. Richard suggested that a possible overturning of electoral results could lead to an outcome that removes both the president and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from power.

“I think having Acting President Nancy Pelosi would be great. She would have to resign from the House, so we would get rid of Pelosi and Trump when Biden finally takes over,” he tweeted on Friday afternoon.

Richard’s comment was in response to speculation around the possibility that Trump’s efforts to block the certification of electoral results in Pennsylvania could cause other battleground states to follow suit. Criminal defense attorney T. Greg Doucette said that such a course of action might lead to Pelosi being deemed acting commander in chief.

Despite Trump’s legal battles, some have expressed doubt over their integrity. Outgoing Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman slammed GOP attempts to overturn the outcome of the election and said they are designed to make money as opposed to posing genuine cases of electoral fraud.

According to The Guardian, states must settle election disputes and officially certify a winner before December 8. If this doesn’t happen, and Congress cannot agree on a solution, the publication claimed Democrats would argue that Pelosi should take the role of stand-in president. Although election scholar Edward Foley predicted that Republicans would likely move to inaugurate Trump for a second term, Richard appears to hope that the Democrat takes power, removing her from her position in the Lower Chamber.

Fox News previously reported that Pelosi becoming acting head of state is not likely.

“A lot of things must first spill off the rails for Pelosi to head to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” the news outlet claimed.

The publication also suggested that the 80-year-old politician would most likely be reelected to head the Lower Chamber.

“The Constitution requires Congress convene at noon ET on Jan. 3. The House’s first order of business is to elect a speaker. This is important. Forecasters doubt Democrats will lose the House. Secondly, if Democrats retain the House, members likely re-elect Pelosi as speaker.”

Although Pelosi has not yet been formally reelected to lead the Lower Chamber, she was informally reelected earlier this month, NPR reported. She faced no challenges but still needs 218 Democratic votes in January to officially be sworn in again to her current role.

Michigan Rep. Justin Amash previously argued that Pelosi should be replaced for a Joe Biden presidency and pointed to younger members who have the talent required to guide America forward — a characteristic he suggested the Democrat does not have.

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