Some Trump Supporters Believe Capitol Attack Was Cover For A Plot To Arrest Nancy Pelosi, Writer Says

Arieh Kovler, who last month predicted that President Donald Trump’s supporters would likely storm the U.S. Capitol on January 6, has claimed that some of the president’s backers believe that Wednesday’s riots were a cover for a much larger plan involving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“This is holding up already. The latest QAnon-type theory is that Special Forces used the Capitol attack as cover to take Nancy Pelosi’s laptop which supposedly contains some damning evidence that Trump will use to have her arrested,” he tweeted.

As reported by Reuters, Drew Hammill, one of Pelosi’s aides, claimed on Friday that a laptop was stolen from the House Speaker’s office. According to Hammill, the computer was the property of the conference room and was used for presentations.

“The theft of electronic devices from congressional offices has been a persistent worry following the invasion by pro-Trump followers,” the news outlet noted.

Brandon Hoffman, the chief information security officer at IT security provider Netenrich, told The Guardian that the theft is concerning — regardless of what the U.S. government says.

“It’s highly unlikely that this laptop was sitting there with no files, or file access, or any other useful information to somebody looking for leverage or retribution.”

According to Netenrich, the computer at least has “access that could be leveraged.”

Nevertheless, no evidence thus far supports the theory that the Capitol siege was a cover for Pelosi’s arrest.

In an interview with GQ, Kovler touched on the storming of the Capitol and how the Trump community has reacted to the president’s subsequent concession. He suggested that the U.S. leader’s supporters believed that Trump’s announcement of the rally was a call to action that would pave the way to a broader plan to overturn the results of the election or prosecute his enemies. According to the writer, there is “very odd stuff” circulating in Trump communities at the moment as some wonder whether there was a concrete plan in the first place.

Kovler said that Trump supporters are currently in the process of trying to “reassemble their worldviews.” He also predicted that there would not be another similar event in the next couple of weeks leading up to — or on — Inauguration Day and noted that the event is conducted with the help of the FBI and Secret Service.

As The Inquisitr reported, Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, claimed in a Saturday interview that the president does not care about his supporters and will not do anything to help those facing prosecution for their involvement in the riots.

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