Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Is Smearing Reporters For Criticizing Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Journalist Says

Journalist Glenn Greenwald took aim at Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Christine Pelosi, on Friday for what he claimed was tantamount to smearing reporters for their stories on Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen.

“Right on cue, the daughter of Nancy Pelosi — one of the richest members in Congress — smears reporters as misogynists for the crime of reporting on the obscene enrichment of Biden’s Treasury Secretary by Wall St right before she took that position,” he tweeted.

Greenwald was responding to a tweet from the House speaker’s daughter directed at Daily Beast/MSNBC journalist Sam Stein, who promoted a Friday Politico article on Yellen’s purported profiteering in Wall Street and from corporate speeches.

“Outrageous that Janet Yellen was paid for these speeches… at lower rates than her male counterparts,” she tweeted sarcastically.

Christine Pelosi later pushed back on the suggestion that paid orations are “de facto ‘corruption.'”

The Politico piece in question claimed that Yellen’s financial disclosures revealed she earned over $7.2 million in speaking fees over the past two years from Wall Street and corporations such as Google, Goldman Sachs, and Citi. The former chair of the Federal Reserve notably earned almost $1 million from nine speeches to Citi.

“While Yellen has drawn mostly praise from progressives to date, her millions of dollars in income from big banks is likely to generate questions about how close she is with Wall Street,” the publication reported.

The news outlet continued to highlight the “political blowback” Hillary Clinton faced from the left during her 2016 presidential campaign.

Greenwald argued that the misogyny accusations being leveled at the Politico reporters conflict with the article itself, which he noted also scrutinized the Wall Street ties of Anthony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of State nominee. He argued that Democrats are the Wall Street party and actively appointed people to head industries they have enriched themselves in. The Intercept co-founder claimed that people who point out this purported relationship face attacks on their reputation.

The journalist also maintained that the Democratic Party’s push for diversity is a cover for how the coalition is seen as supporting the “interests of Wall St. and corporate power.” As The Inquisitr reported, Fox News host Tucker Carlson made similar claims earlier this month. He suggested that Biden’s recent staff and cabinet selections reflect a covert set of rules that serve to benefit the upper American class. According to Carlson, Biden’s diversity push is a cover for these rules.

Elsewhere, author Matt Stoller was more optimistic and contended that Biden’s transition is still significantly better than Barack Obama’s team.

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