Nancy Pelosi Says 25th Amendment Committee Is Not Specifically Directed At Donald Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently unveiled her plans to create a congressional committee focusing on the 25th amendment in order to determine if a president is fit for office. As reported by The Washington Post, the Democratic lawmaker said Friday that the committee is not explicitly directed at Donald Trump, whose recent COVID-19 treatment has sparked speculation on the state of his physical and mental health.

“This is not about President Trump,” she said at a Capitol Hill news conference. “He will face the judgment of the voters, but he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents… This legislation applies to future presidents, but we are reminded of the necessity of action by the health of the current president.”

The 25th amendment outlines the procedure for the vice president of the United States to assume the role of president in the circumstance that the U.S. leader is unable to perform his duties, as well as in the case of resignation or death. Although Pelosi did not say whether she believed Trump was no longer fit for his position, she claimed that the medications he has been taking since his COVID-19 diagnosis have affected his judgment and said he is in an “altered state.”

The bipartisan Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office was outlined in Pelosi-sponsored legislation proposed by Democratic Rep. Jamie B. Raskin, CBS News reported.

“The 25th Amendment is all about the stability of the presidency and the continuity of the office,” he said of the legislation.

“In the age of COVID-19, which has killed more than 210,000 Americans and now ravaged the White House staff, the wisdom of the 25th Amendment is clear,” he later said, referencing the multiple COVID-19 diagnoses within the Trump administration.

Raskin introduced a similar bill back in 2017 that intended to ascertain a head of state’s mental or physical fitness and suitability for their position.

Concerns around Trump’s recent behavior continue to cause concern. As The Inquisitr reported, White House aides are allegedly worried that Trump’s dexamethasone medication is causing manic behavior. The concerns come amid the U.S. leader’s recent erratic interviews on Fox News and Fox Business, as well as warnings from medical professionals that steroid medications can cause mania, delirium, insomnia, and anxiety, and exacerbate the severity of symptoms in people with existing psychiatric disorders.

During a recent interview with syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh, Trump touched on Pelosi’s current efforts to create the commission and said she’s a “nut job” who has “gone crazy.”

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