Nancy Pelosi Will Become President If Trump Adviser’s Plan To Delay Inauguration Is Successful, Experts Warn

An adviser to President Donald Trump has raised the possibility of delaying Joe Biden’s inauguration to investigate the unfounded claims of voter fraud, but experts have pointed out that this would put House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in line to become the acting president.

In an appearance on Fox News, trade adviser Peter Navarro suggested that Biden’s January 20 swearing-in could be delayed as the allegations of massive election fraud are further investigated.

“I would not be surprised to see a special counsel on this,” Navarro told host Jeanine Pirro (via Slate), suggesting that a panel would be put together to investigate the allegations from the president and his allies.

“And Vice President Pence, he has the authority to give that 10-day window to do what needs to get done. And I cannot imagine, when he goes through the facts, he won’t vote the right way on that.”

While the report noted that Navarro appeared to suggest that the 10-day investigation would begin as Congress meets this week to certify the Electoral College, and thus come to a conclusion before January 20, he insisted to Pirro that the inauguration date could be moved if needed. As Slate noted, the claim was false, as the date for a presidential inauguration is spelled out in the U.S. Constitution.

As many pointed out, the Constitution also makes it clear that Trump’s term will end on January 20, so he would not be able to remain in office and the line of succession would go into effect. This would elevate Pelosi to the presidency.

Grant Stern of the grassroots progressive group Occupy Democrats tweeted that the plan to put together a commission to study voting fraud allegations wouldn’t keep Trump, instead elevating the California representative.

As Trump spent months floating the idea of remaining in office even if he lost the election, many had already pointed out that his attempt would result in Pelosi taking over. Back in October, the Los Angeles Times reported that in the event of a tie in the Electoral College, it would be up to a congressional vote to determine the next leader of the United States. If neither candidate gets a majority, it would fall to the California Democrat to lead the nation.

“The Presidential Succession Act of 1947 states that if neither a president nor a vice president is selected by Jan. 20, the Speaker of the House becomes president until a president or vice president is picked. That would almost certainly mean, at least temporarily, President Pelosi,” the report noted.

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