Kim Kardashian Addresses Parenting Criticism: Ensures Children's 'Normal' Lives Amidst Fame and Scrutiny

Kim Kardashian Addresses Parenting Criticism: Ensures Children's 'Normal' Lives Amidst Fame and Scrutiny
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Kim Kardashian insisted that she avoids "putting pressure" on her daughter, North West while addressing the backlash she receives for thrusting her nine-year-old into the limelight. The Hulu star appeared in an exclusive interview with podcaster and life coach, Jay Shetty, on the latest episode of his On Purpose podcast to talk about the challenges of navigating motherhood, career and relationships. The mother of four revealed that her children led "normal" lives in spite of being surrounded by cameras 24x7. 

Kardashian praised North West and said, "My daughter is really vocal. She'll tell them when she doesn't want them around and to leave her alone and to stop, and I love that they use their little voices, but they also have such a 'normal life' and such a different life away from all of that too." 


Kardashian continued, "I think they grew up seeing the cameras, and they grew up seeing that even as babies, you know, we'd walk out and there would be paparazzi, so it's not really something that they acknowledge a lot."

Kardashian shared her perspective on raising North West in the spotlight while discussing the severe criticism she has been receiving for "forcing" her preteen daughter to tag along to late-night events. Fans slammed the beauty mogul for taking North to the Met Gala. Fans also slammed the SKIMS founder recently when the mother-daughter duo was spotted sitting courtside, attending the Western Conference Semifinal Playoff game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors at Arena this month, according to The U.S. Sun

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Kevork Djansezian
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Kevork Djansezian


Appalled fans were quick to comment on an online thread that discussed Kim Kardashian's parenting choices. "The bags under her eyes are so sad. She's only 9," one fan wrote, while another fan agreed, "I was just coming here to say that exact same thing, so sad." A third one remarked: "She is tired and over the fact she has to do this s**t, but her Mom probably promises her stuff if she plays along."

"Let that kid be a kid. All the money in the world, every luxury a kid could want or need, and she can't even just stay home and play in her yard or watch tv with her siblings. What a f**king tragedy," a fourth fan ranted. "She's tired of being her mom's accessory every time Kim wants to go somewhere," a fifth quipped. "She’s 9. She should be in bed," a fan agreed. 

However, Kardashian denied the accusations and insisted during the podcast discussion that she is not pushing West toward "fame." Meanwhile, a close source has revealed to In Touch Weekly, "North is Kim’s firstborn. She’s always had hopes for her, but the pressure she puts on her, which may be unintentional, is real. Kim really thinks she’s helping her daughter." 


North regularly features on Kardashian's social pages and the mother-daughter duo is known for their popular TikTok videos. On this, the source continued, "North wants to be a big star, she says she wants to be bigger and more famous than her mom and dad. That’s an enormous amount of pressure to put on a little kid. If Kim had her way, North would already have her own reality show, clothing line, and an established brand. She's not that far off though, it’s all part of the master plan. It’s all about being in the spotlight and staying relevant. That’s the Kardashian rule book – fame is the name of the game." 

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