Kim Kardashian Slammed for "Sick" Treatment of Daughter North West, Fans Criticize Lack of Boundaries

Kim Kardashian Slammed for "Sick" Treatment of Daughter North West, Fans Criticize Lack of Boundaries
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Kim Kardashian is receiving flak for sharing with her daughter North West the story of the day Kim conceived North. An old video from the season two finale of The Kardashians has found its way back and it showcases the SKIMS founder holding a "mature" conversation with her first-born, North.

The mother-daughter duo is seen attending the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show in Paris along with Kris Jenner. Famed fashion designer and family friend, Olivier Rousteing, is seen dressing them up for the event when Kim starts the eyebrow-raising conversation. She says, "Northie, I've known Olivier since before you were a baby and he gave Daddy this blue dress that Daddy wanted for me. It was my birthday - a year before you were born. And I wore the dress, and I got pregnant, and you got in my belly the night I wore that dress. So, Olivier might have a little something to do with the reason you're on this planet." 

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo By Steve Mack
Image Source: GettyImages| Photo By Steve Mack

North, however, remains expressionless throughout the "adult conversation" and continues to enjoy her French fries and soda. The blue dress that Kim refers to in the conversation is the one she wore while attending the Angel Ball event with her ex-husband Kanye West on October 22, 2012. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter North, eight months later. 



According to The U.S. Sun, the alleged throwback video was added to "a popular message board" by a crazy Kardashian fan with the caption, "This is WEIRD right?" Soon a discussion blew up with comments criticizing the reality star for holding this awkward conversation with her daughter. One fan commented, "Ew wtf! I would never tell my kids that. And as a former kid, I’d never want my mom to tell me that either." A second fan wrote, "This family literally has no boundaries."

"What a lovely story. Not! It’s so gross and not the sweet story Kim thinks it is," a third added. "This made me uncomfortable. I can only imagine how North felt hearing this," a fourth user commented on the thread. "How sad. She's clearly sucking up to the designer and using her daughter to do it," a fifth claimed. Many users took the opportunity to speak about the importance of boundaries. "This is weird. Boundaries are important for kids to feel safe. Their lack of boundaries is disturbing to me," one user said. "TMI. No child needs to hear that," remarked another.


North West, 9, is no stranger to her mom, Kim's success. She has been attending fashion events as a kid and regularly creates TikTok videos with her mother. The beauty mogul, however, seems to keep drawing negative attention over her "bad parenting" decisions. Kim was recently slammed by her fans for allowing North to attend the 2023 Met Gala event. Fans blasted the star for "dragging" the preteen to fashion's biggest night as her plus-one.

"It’s so sad. It’s an 18+ event for a reason, children don’t need to be at a very public event where they are put out there for criticism and hate," one critic wrote. Another added, "How pathetic. They brought their children along as if it’s shields them from criticism." A third user said, "Bringing your children to an event that is notorious for being terrible long lineups and being extremely warm." A fourth user reacted, "This is really sad... let kids be kids." Another one commented, "Oh I don’t like this, I really don’t like this."

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