Once In A Blue Moon, Tonight

A blue moon; Elvis and Sinatra sang a song about it, and bartenders named a cocktail after it. Trivial Pursuit includes a question about it, and beer makers incorporated it into their marketing plan. It’s possible that more people are familiar with a blue moon in modern references like these, rather than the science of […]

Frank Sinatra: 100 Years Of Jersey Kid To Cultural Icon

July 15, 2015 marked what would have been Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday, with a flurry of activities highlighting his remarkably diverse career. To examine the highlights of Frank’s life, or for pop culture immersion into his storied past, Sinatra’s backstory makes for an interesting investigation. For many of us, Sinatra’s music was on in the […]

Secondary Gift Card Market Heroes And Villains

Gift card buyers, sellers, and exchangers should be pretty good at protecting themselves by now; and yet scammers adapt, and consumers continue to get duped, making the secondary gift card market a buyer-and-seller-beware place to do business. What a great convenience to be able to shed the unwanted Home Depot gift card from Uncle Dan […]