‘One Piece’ Chapter 902 Theories: Will Jinbe Die For The Straw Hats To Safely Make Their Escape?

One Piece Chapter 902’s arrival later this week is highly anticipated by fans who are dying to know what happens next after the surprise cliffhanger in the latest chapter. In the manga series’ 901st chapter, it looked like the extraction team might still have a chance of getting Sanji out of Big Mom’s territory, but […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 901: Sunny Destroyed But Straw Hats Survive, Big Mom’s Flashbacks Not A Good Sign

One Piece Chapter 901 is an installment that fans just can’t afford to miss after that surprising twist introduced in the previous chapter. Just as everyone thought that the Straw Hats’ escape is already in the bag, Oda managed to surprise fans with a totally unexpected development that had them wondering what happened to the […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 899 Spoilers: Straw Hats Escape, Big Mom Gets Her Cake

One Piece Chapter 899 is about to be released but for fans who just can’t wait and don’t mind to know a bit of the plot in advance, here are some of the hottest spoilers making their rounds on the net. As expected, the upcoming installment of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series will be full […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 898: Germa 66 Makes Its Move, Will Fans Finally See Smoothie Fight?

With the Whole Cake Island Arc approaching its climax, One Piece Chapter 898 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series is expected to be even more action-packed than the recent installment. Fans are hopeful that the upcoming chapter will finally showcase the fighting prowess of Smoothie, Big Mom’s 14th daughter, and the only Sweet Commander that […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 897: Straw Hats Battle Big Mom’s Forces, A New Villain Approaches

One Piece Chapter 897 will now present another set of challenges for the Straw Hats Pirates. The highly anticipated closure of the epic fight between Luffy and Big Mom’s strongest Sweet Commander, Katakuri, finally happened in the recent installment of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series. However, escape from Big Mom’s territory is not yet guaranteed […]

‘NCIS’ Season 15 Spoilers: 200-Year-Old War Stick Reopens Decade-Old Cold Case

With the NCIS Season 15 two-week break finally over, fans have a lot to look forward to when the show resumes. For instance, the show will have American Pickers actor Mike Wolfe as a guest star in an episode to be aired in March. For fans who don’t mind some mild spoilers, we have the […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 895: What Does Luffy’s New Gear 4th Do?

One Piece Chapter 895 will finally showcase a brand new move from Luffy. Of course, fans are very excited what this new Gear 4th technique could bring to the table, and are very interested to know if Snake Man would suffice in defeating the Sweet Commander Katakuri. Luffy Reveals New Gear Fourth Technique The most […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 894: The Fight Continues

Fans can expect the fight between Luffy and Katakuri to enter into a whole new level in the coming Chapter 894 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit One Piece manga series. In the previous installment, it was revealed that the StrawHats Pirates captain finally gained mastery over his Observation Haki, ensuring that this fight is going to […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 892: Is Luffy’s Observation Haki Upgrade Enough To Defeat Katakuri?

The upcoming Chapter 892 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series, One Piece, is expected to feature two main plot developments that should not be missed by fans. It should be interesting to see if Luffy, with his upgraded Observation Haki, will manage to finally score a victory against Katakuri. Another exciting event that might be […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 890: How Will The Straw Hat Pirates On Board Sunny Stop Big Mom?

In the upcoming Chapter 890 of Oda’s hit One Piece manga series, members of the Straw Hat Pirates on board Thousand Sunny will be facing the biggest threat of all, a threat that will put everyone’s lives in peril. The arrival Big Mom, undoubtedly the strongest fighter in the whole arc, appears to have reduced […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 889: Another Su Long Transformation Could Happen, The Meaning Of Big Mom’s Slimming

With One Piece Chapter 889 about to be released, speculations on what exciting surprises the next installment could bring continue to mount. To keep fans up to speed, here are some exciting fan-made theories that are definitely worth reading while waiting for the next chapter to arrive. Carrot’s Transformation Fans of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece […]

‘One Piece’ Episode 816 Spoilers: Who Shot Reiju Vinsmoke?

While one can easily deduce that a fight between Baron Tamago and Pedro will be featured in Episode 816 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit One Piece anime series, fans can still expect other exciting surprises up ahead. For instance, there is a good chance that the identity of Reiju’s mysterious shooter might already be revealed next […]

‘Boruto’ Episode 36: Boruto’s Team Faces Same Bell Test Kakashi Gave To Naruto, Sasuke, & Sakura

Boruto, together with team members Sarada and Mitsuki, will be facing some tough challenges in the upcoming Episode 36 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series. In fact, one particular challenge will be very familiar to fans of the parent Naruto series and, in some way, can be used as a gauge to measure […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 887: Luffy Won’t Exploit Katakuri’s Weakness, May Awaken & Develop New Technique

Luffy is predicted to become even more powerful in the coming One Piece Chapter 887. During an intense fight against the Sweet Commander Katakuri, facing the powerful opponent will force the Straw Hat captain to finally level up, perhaps via awakening. In addition, there are predictions saying that Luffy might even develop a new technique […]

‘Grand Theft Auto’ Black Friday Sale: 40% Discount, GTA$1.25M Bonus Via Rockstar’s Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

Rockstar Games is giving away big discounts to gamers starting this Black Friday. The developer is slashing 40 percent off the regular prices of select titles, including bestseller Grand Theft Auto 5. In a blog post, Rockstar announced that it will be giving a 40 percent discount on most of the games in its portfolio. […]

Puzzling Polar Vortex Of Saturn’s Largest Moon Titan Finally Explained By Scientists

Scientists finally have an explanation for the unexpected atmospheric behavior in one of Saturn’s natural satellites. The polar vortex on Titan, the planet’s largest moon, has been previously measured to be extremely cold, a behavior that runs counter to accepted model predictions. Despite being categorized as one of Saturn’s moon, Titan is actually larger than […]

‘One Piece’ Episode 815 Spoilers: Pudding Reveals Secret To Luffy And Nami

One Piece Episode 815 is shaping up to be one eventful installment of Eiichiro Oda’s hit anime. Pudding finally visited the imprisoned Nami and Luffy, but there are speculations that her meek and saintly appearance is just a mask and that the real Pudding will be revealed in the coming episode. Meanwhile, it appears that […]

‘Rick And Morty’ Season 4: A Longer But Darker Fourth Season Up Ahead?

It’s barely a month since Season 3’s finale dropped last October 1 but most fans are already clamoring for the release of Rick and Morty Season 4. To keep you up to speed, here are some of the latest updates and speculations on the upcoming fourth season of the hit adult animated series by Justin […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 885: Gear 4th May Not Be Enough, Is Katakuri Hiding Behind A Mochi Dummy?

Hopefully, One Piece Chapter 885 will finally reveal the answer to the question that has been bugging fans since the fight between Luffy and Katakuri started. Of course, fans have been wondering just what it takes to defeat Big Mom’s strongest offspring and the recent chapter cast doubts on whether Luffy’s Gear 4th technique could […]

‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13 Episode 6 Airs November 8, JJ & Spencer Reid Fall Into A Trap

Finally, some good news for fans of the hit CBS police procedural drama series who were a bit surprised when Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 6 did not air during its usual 8 p.m. slot last November 1. The upcoming installment titled “The Bunker” is now confirmed to air this November 8 and will drop […]

‘NCIS’ Season 15 Episode 7 Spoilers: Agency Accused of Frame Up In Reopened Case

Fans can expect a tension-filled installment in the coming Episode 6 of NCIS Season 15. Titled “Burden of Proof,” it will pit Mark Harmon’s Gibbs against Joe Spano’s FBI Agent T.C. Fornell when a convicted felon accuses the agency of framing him up when a ten-year-old case is reopened. The synopsis reveals that Gibbs will […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 884: Luffy May Have Uncovered Katakuri’s Weakness

The battle between Luffy and Katakuri is expected to heat up in the coming Chapter 884 of the hit One Piece manga series by Eiichiro Oda. One exciting possibility is that Luffy might have uncovered a weakness in Katakuri’s technique, a weakness that he can exploit to turn the battle in his favor. Luffy May […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 883: Did Oda Just Hint On Luffy’s Awakening?

It looks like the action that fans have been waiting for will finally happen in the upcoming Chapter 883 of One Piece manga series. Luffy is finally getting serious in his fight against Katakuri by using a Gear 4th attack but it still remains to be seen just how effective this attack could be against […]

‘Boruto’ Episode 29: Will Kagura Go Against Chojuro And Boruto?

Fans can definitely expect the upcoming Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 29 to be one action-packed installment. An exciting clash between the Shizuma-led new Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and Boruto seems to be inevitable. What is even more interesting is how Kagura will react when the battle happens. Kagura Receives Hiramekarei One of the […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 882: Gear 5 Or Awakening, How Will Luffy Defeat Katakuri?

Fans can feel it in their bones; Luffy is going to seriously fight Katakuri in Oda’s hit manga series One Piece Chapter 882 and succeeding chapters. Somehow, the stage is set; fans are probably united in their expectation that Luffy will give Katakuri the fight of his life, a fight that Luffy will, hopefully, win […]

One Piece Chapter 881: Luffy To Discover Weakness In Katakuri’s Technique?

With Big Mom finally catching up on Thousand Sunny riding on top of a giant wave, things are not looking too good for the Straw Hats in the coming One Piece Chapter 881. Meanwhile, Luffy is not faring any better either with Katakuri proving to be a very skilled fighter, easily countering all his attacks. […]

‘One Piece’ Episode 806 Spoilers: Luffy Unleashes Gear 4 Technique, What Does Tankman Do?

Another exciting, action-packed installment awaits fans in Episode 806 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit One Piece anime series. It looks like the battle between the two powerful opponents is drawing to a close with Luffy finally unleashing a new Gear 4 attack against Sweet General Cracker. Luffy’s “Bottomless” Stomach About to Run Out of Space In […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 879: Katakuri & Luffy Clash Inside Mirror World, Straw Hats Captain Develop New Attack?

Fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming One Piece Chapter 879 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series. The coming installment is expected to feature one of the most highly anticipated fights in the Whole Cake Island arc, the match between two powerful fighters Luffy and Katakuri. In the latest One Piece […]

‘Homeland’ Season 7 Spoilers: Quinn’s Death To Cause Carrie To Leave President Keane’s Team?

While fans of Showtime’s political drama still have a long wait to endure before Homeland Season 7 arrives next year, exciting speculations on the upcoming season’s plot are already doing their rounds. One such plot twist is the possible rift between Claire Danes’ Carrie Mathison and Elizabeth Marvel’s President Keane. The latest speculation is based […]

‘One Piece’ Episode 805: Luffy’s Comes Up With A Strategy But Dealing With Cracker’s Soldiers Still A Problem

The action heats up in the upcoming Episode 805 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit anime One Piece. The previous chapter, which gave a short backstory on why Sanji ran away from Germa 66, is finally over and the anime’s storyline will return to the exciting fight between Luffy and the Sweet Commander Cracker. Be warned, there […]

‘Quantico’ Season 3 Spoilers: Will Harry Remain Loyal To Priyanka Chopra’s Alex?

Fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming Quantico Season 3. Aside from the happy confirmation that fan-favorite Priyanka Chopra will be back to reprise her role, recent spoilers now say that Alex Parrish’s relationships will be tackled in greater detail. However, recent developments seem to suggest that Harry might have to […]

‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 4: CW Reduces Number Of Episodes To 17, What Could It Mean For The Show?

Jane the Virgin fans have to brace themselves for this bad news. If reports are correct, Season 4 of the CW’s hit romantic comedy-drama telenovela will be the shortest as the network decided to reduce the number of episodes for the upcoming season. Eagle-eyed observers noted that there was a recent change to the number […]

‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Episode 22 Spoilers: Does Orochimaru Know Something About Shin?

After a brief skirmish in the previous episode, the team will try to uncover the mystery behind their new enemy in the coming Episode 22 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series. To this end, they will enlist the aid of a former bad guy whose underworld connections have proven useful in the past, […]

‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13: Will Jane Lynch Come Back As Diana Reid? One BAU Member Goes Missing

Criminal Minds cast member Jane Lynch revealed that she is unsure if her character will make an appearance in the coming Season 13 of the hit CBS police procedural series. The actress, who plays the role of Diana Reid in the show, remains hopeful that fans will get a glimpse of her character this season […]

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 9 Premiere: Teaser Hints Characters Could Get Wet In Major Scene

With the NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 premiere still a couple of months away, the production team has been pretty much successful in keeping mum about what’s coming ahead. However, there is one thing that fans can expect in at least one of the upcoming episodes next season – things could get wet and wild. […]

‘One Piece’ Episode 802 Spoilers: How Will The Exhausted Luffy Fight Against Crackers Biscuit Army?

It looks like Luffy will be facing quite a predicament in the upcoming One Piece Episode 802 of the anime series. With no more haki left for him to execute powerful attacks, he will have to be creative for him to survive the fight against Cracker and his minions of hardened biscuit soldiers. Luffy’s Problem […]

‘Steven Universe’ Season 5: Captain Lars And Other Hints From Creator Rebecca Sugar

After dropping four episodes back in May, Steven Universe Season 5 is once again on a hiatus. Fortunately for fans, a few spoilers were dropped during the SDCC 2017 revealing an action-packed season up ahead that is definitely worth the wait. Lars Of The Stars It looks like fans will be seeing a lot of […]

‘Criminal Minds’ Season 13 Spoilers: Deadly Villains Coming Back, Will Shemar Moore Be Back As Derek?

Fans can expect a few familiar faces to be back when Season 13 of the hit CBS police procedural series Criminal Minds arrives next month. Apparently, the cannibal serial killer Floyd Feylinn Ferell, who was introduced to the series in Season 3, will be back with actor Jamie Kennedy already confirmed to play the part […]

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Season 9 Spoilers: Major Character Won’t Be In Premiere Episode; Marty’s Mom Reacts?

With the Season 9 premiere of CBS’ hit military and police procedural drama NCIS: Los Angeles already slated this fall, a few details of what the new season could bring have started to trickle in. For instance, it was already revealed that one beloved character of the series will not be seen on the premiere. […]

‘One Piece’ Episode 799 Spoilers: Luffy Uses Gear Four, But Cracker Reveals His True Form & Powerful Technique

Fans can expect the action to continue in Episode 799 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit anime series, One Piece. Previously, Luffy had started to realize that fighting one of the three Sweet Commanders of the Big Mom Pirates is no walk in the park as it seemed that he couldn’t even damage Cracker. Thus, Luffy will […]

Xbox Live Deals With Gold: Grab ‘Battlefield 4’ & ‘Hardline’ For Only $5

Microsoft is once again pampering its Xbox Live Gold members. Aside from the new free games every month, there are big discounts available for gamers using Microsoft consoles. While waiting for the announcement of the Xbox Live August 2017 free games lineup, console gamers might want to check out the great discounts currently being offered […]

‘Archer’ Season 9 Release Date Could Be Announced Soon, Dreamland Plot & Lana’s Death Speculations Continues

The wait for the Archer Season 9 release date could be over soon with FX Networks’ announcement that the animated series is included in featured panels heading for the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con this week. Meanwhile, here are some of the exciting speculations making the rounds on what the upcoming season could bring. Will Season […]

‘The Blacklist’ Season 5: Current Reddington A Fake? Contents Of Suitcase Could Set Plot Next Season

Fans of NBC’s hit The Blacklist must have breathed a sigh of relief when Season 4’s finale solved what is probably one of the biggest puzzles of the series. Using a genetic sample taken decades ago, it was finally revealed that Reddington is indeed Liz’s father. However, there are speculations saying that Season 5 could […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 873: Will Big Mom Go On Another Rampage?

In the coming Chapter 873 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates will be on their way out of Big Mom’s territory. While the Yonko’s crew initially made plans to pursue both the escaping Straw Hat and the Fire Tank Pirates, they may have a bigger, deadlier problem to deal […]

‘NCIS’ Season 15: Mark Harmon Not Leaving, But Gibbs’ Role Could Change

It’s time to give NCIS fans a breather. Lately, followers of the hit CBS procedural drama had to endure a barrage of depressing reports, from those stating that Mark Harmon may not be reprising his role as Gibbs after Season 15 to those reports speculating that the show may be heading for cancellation. Fortunately, it […]

‘One Piece’ Chapter 872: Alliance Escapes While Big Mom’s Forces Thrown Into Chaos, Germa 66 Clone Army Arrive

One Piece Chapter 872 is expected to reveal the devastation caused by the unexpected explosion that caused Big Mom’s castle to collapse. In the ensuing confusion, Luffy and the rest of the alliance will grab the chance to escape. Another possibility is that the Germa 66’s clone army will finally be alerted and will battle […]

‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 543: Natsu Unleashes New Attack? Lucy Casts Fairy Sphere But Will It Be Effective?

The manga’s non-stop action is expected to continue in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 543. With only four chapters left before the hit manga series by Hiro Mashima ends, something has to happen that should tip the balance of power on Fairy Tail’s favor. At the moment though, everything appears bleak. In Fairy Tail Chapter […]

Johnny Depp Glastonbury Statement: Is The Secret Service Really Going After The Actor?

Actor Johnny Depp recently made headlines due to a remark where he seemingly threatened the life of President Donald Trump. As expected, the backlash against the inappropriate statement was immediate. But a negative public opinion might be the least of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s worries. If some reports are to be believed, Depp […]

Even Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Have ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’ Moments

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are living proof that even glamorous celebrity couples can have epic parental fails sometimes especially during the stressful holiday season. Kunis, who stars in the upcoming comedy film A Bad Moms Christmas, reveals of one incident last Christmas where she and Kutcher might have tried a little too hard to […]

Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Not Planning To Wed Anytime Soon

It looks like Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus will not be tying the knot anytime soon despite what fans might have read recently. No, they are not heading for splitsville either, though some have suggested that it could be a possibility. It’s just that, well, both are still young and they still got time. Miley […]