‘One Piece’ Chapter 890: How Will The Straw Hat Pirates On Board Sunny Stop Big Mom?

In the upcoming Chapter 890 of Oda’s hit One Piece manga series, members of the Straw Hat Pirates on board Thousand Sunny will be facing the biggest threat of all, a threat that will put everyone’s lives in peril. The arrival Big Mom, undoubtedly the strongest fighter in the whole arc, appears to have reduced their chances of survival to zero. But there is still hope, at least according to some speculations around.

Carrot’s Sulong Form Eliminates Diafuku’s Armada But A Bigger Threat Emerges

One Piece Chapter 889, which is already available on a number of online sites such as MangaStream, dropped two exciting developments. First, Carrot, in her Sulong form, wrecked havoc on the entire fleet led by Daifuku. With precision targeting, Carrot was able to render all of the ships ineffective by destroying their helms.

Unfortunately, the previous chapter also introduced a shocking development that would be the source of despair for the Straw Hats. After evading her for so long, Big Mom was able to finally catch up and is now standing on Sunny’s deck demanding the wedding cake. Is there any chance that the crew will still be able to escape with their lives?

Big Mom Might Discover Perospero’s Trick

One interesting possibility is that Big Mom might finally discover that Perospero tricked her into believing that the cake is with the Straw Hats. After asking Sunny’s crew, they will eventually tell her that they don’t have it. Even if Big Mom searches the entire ship, she will not find any slice of the cake. This will not bode well for Perospero, as the Yonko had warned him of what would happen if she finds him lying.

Sanji Arrives In Time With The Cake

Another possibility is that Sanji, who is currently transporting the newly baked cake, will be able to catch up with the Straw Hats and hand over the cake to Big Mom. Now, it is still unclear if such action will put the Straw Hats’ lives out of danger. At best it will buy them some time, it is really unclear how Big Mom will react after tasting the undeniably delicious dessert.

Of course, the team could opt for Bege’s sinister plan. Bege suggested that they lace the cake with poison or even hide some explosives in it. If they go with that plan, despite Sanji’s objections, will it even be capable of hurting the Yonko?

What Happens If Big Mom Can’t Eat The Cake?

An interesting line of thought is what could happen if the Yonko will not be able to eat the cake for whatever reason. It has been noted that Big Mom has become thinner after not eating anything for over eight hours. If the situation continues, will the Yonko starve herself to death?

One Piece Chapter 890 arrives sometime next week. Meanwhile, enjoy some speculations from YouTuber Joy Boy_Theories below.

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