‘One Piece’ Chapter 889: Another Su Long Transformation Could Happen, The Meaning Of Big Mom’s Slimming

With One Piece Chapter 889 about to be released, speculations on what exciting surprises the next installment could bring continue to mount. To keep fans up to speed, here are some exciting fan-made theories that are definitely worth reading while waiting for the next chapter to arrive.

Carrot’s Transformation

Fans of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga series were in for a shock with the recent release of Chapter 888. The latest installment, which is already available online in a number of sites such as MangaStream, featured an event that got everyone off-guard – Carrot’s transformation into her Su Long form.

The Straw Hats on board Sunny suddenly found themselves in a bind in the recent chapter. With Big Mom’s backup fleet along with Perospero and the crazy Big Mom, Jinbe tried his best to outmaneuver their pursuers. With Jinbe’s seafaring skills, it would have been possible to eventually outrun them. But apparently, Big Mom’s forces had something up there sleeve, they were actually trying to corner the running Straw Hats pirates in a pincer maneuver.

It was already too late when the Straw Hats realized that they are about to be trapped. Up ahead is another Big Mom’s fleet commandeered by Daifuku. With no other course, the crew was already bracing for a fierce battle as they planned to some fight their way out of the trap. But that’s where things got very interesting, Carrot actually volunteered to take care of the problem promising that she will prove that she can be useful considering that she has been trained by Pedro.

Apparently, Carrot was hiding a trump card of her own. As a member of the Mink Tribe, she can actually transform into her Su Long form (translated as Moon Lion). Even Big Mom’s soldiers were afraid of the transformed Carrot knowing full well that a warrior of Zhou is on a completely different level. She managed to wreak havoc on Big Mom’s forces and even broke the helm of one of the ships.

Another Su Long Transformation Could Be Revealed

As amazing as her transformation was, there are fans who believe that she is not the only Mink Tribe member who will be transforming into their Su Long form. For instance, YouTuber Black Leg Vinsmoke predicts that another Su Long transformation in the upcoming Chapter 889 of the One Piece manga series.

The YouTuber is, of course, referring to that other Mink tribe member Pekoms. According to the theory, it is even possible for Pekoms’ Su Long form to be more powerful than Carrot’s. Pekoms is currently working for Big Mom and has been partnered with Baron Tamago. Everyone knows who insanely powerful Tamago’s devil fruit ability is, so it’s quite acceptable for his partner, Pekoms, to transform into something just as powerful as well or even more.

Speaking of a transformed Pekoms, it is still unclear where his loyalty will lie. While he is currently a member of Big Mom’s forces, he was last seen crying over Pedro’s death. Will he remain loyal to the Yonko or avenge Pedro’s demise by attacking Perospero?

Why Is Big Mom Slimming Down?

Another One Piece theory worth mentioning is the possible explanation of Big Mom’s reduction in size. While most fans have noticed that Linlin seemed to be getting smaller in the previous chapters, most probably assumed that it was just a drawing error. Last chapter, however, it was actually revealed that Big Mom is indeed slimming down via an observation made by Perospero.

According to YouTuber Chibi Reviews, Big Mom’s size reduction could be an indication of a possible plot development for the manga series being planned by Oda. Of course, the Yonko becoming skinnier could be a result of the fact that she has not eaten anything yet as she is currently obsessed with tasting the wedding cake. Is this Oda’s way of telling that Big Mom could be vulnerable in her current state?

Luffy Vs. Katakuri

The exciting fight between Luffy and the overpowered Katakuri is expected to continue in One Piece 889 as well. This time, as the Straw Hat captain promised to face a full power Sweet Commander head on, fans can expect an even more brutal battle up ahead.

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