‘One Piece’ Episode 816 Spoilers: Who Shot Reiju Vinsmoke?

While one can easily deduce that a fight between Baron Tamago and Pedro will be featured in Episode 816 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit One Piece anime series, fans can still expect other exciting surprises up ahead. For instance, there is a good chance that the identity of Reiju’s mysterious shooter might already be revealed next episode. In addition, it appears that the Straw Hat Pirates might have found a way to enter the high-security wedding ceremony. A warning to fans; there are mild spoilers ahead.

Baron Tamago Vs Pedro

Based on the episode’s title alone, one can easily deduce that a fight between Pedro and Baron Tamago will be featured in One Piece Episode 816. Titled “The History of the Left Eye! Pedro vs. Baron Tamago,” the episode will likely have a flashback on the two fighter’s previous encounter and how, using her ability, Big Mom deducted 50 years from Pedro’s lifespan.

Chopper Might Have Found A Way To Regroup Straw Hat Pirates

Meanwhile, it appears that two members of the Straw Hat Pirates just struck gold. In the recently released One Piece Episode 815, which can already be viewed on Crunchyroll, Chopper and Carrot’s surprise attack on Brulee and her subordinates was an astounding success.

What this means is that with Brulee in their custody, it would be easier for the members of the Straw Hat Pirates to regroup. As previously stated by Brulee herself, her Mirror World actually connects all mirrors located within Whole Cake Island.

Using the Mirror World’s unique property, they can just locate their comrades one by one and pull them back into the Mirror World so that they could plan a coordinated attack to stop Sanji’s wedding. More importantly, the Mirror World also offers them a way to sneak into Sanji and Pudding’s wedding ceremony since Big Mom’s castle must contain hundreds of mirrors inside.

Brook’s Road Poneglyph Mission Hits A Snag

But there is one Straw Hat member that is facing a crisis at the moment. While the combination of Brook’s soul-based attack and superb swordsmanship managed to eliminate all of Big Mom’s forces posted inside the treasure room, a bigger problem just emerged. Enraged that someone is so daring and actually attempted to steal her prized possession, Big Mom decided to deal with the thief and destroyed the strong door guarding the room as it if was nothing.

Is a fight between Brook and Big Mom inevitable? Well, even if Brook somehow finds the courage to go against her, it cannot be exactly called a fight. The power difference between the Yonko and Brook is just too great that it is reasonable to expect Big Mom will win.

But of course, a defeated Brook does not necessarily mean that he will die. In the previous episode, Big Mom displayed such interesting expression upon seeing Brook. Of course, Big Mom has been known to collect unique and unusual creatures and, based on appearance alone, Brook would definitely fall into the unique category. The worst the could happen for him is that he will have to join the Yonko’s collection.

Who Shot Reiju?

The previous episode of One Piece anime also introduced a big mystery which may already be solved in the coming Episode 816. While stealthily walking somewhere inside Big Mom’s castle, a gun was suddenly pointed at Reiju’s back and eventually fired at point blank range.

Who could be the assailant? At the moment, it can be said that the Vinsmokes and their Germa 66 clone army are deep inside enemy territory; both camps want something from the other. As such, it follows that Reiju’s shooter must belong to Big Mom’s forces.

But of course, whoever did the crime has no intention of actually killing Reiju, at least not until the wedding between Sanji and Pudding is over. Most likely, the shooter was betting on the fact that since Judge is into genetic manipulations, his offspring must possess some amazing skills like enhanced healing for instance.

Likely, the shooting was merely done as a test. But who among Big Mom’s camp could do such a thing? For those who really want to know, here’s a small hint. The revelation of the shooter might just give Sanji the shock of his life.

One Piece Episode 816 releases this Sunday, December 3, 2017. Stay tuned for updates.


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