‘One Piece’ Chapter 897: Straw Hats Battle Big Mom’s Forces, A New Villain Approaches

One Piece Chapter 897 will now present another set of challenges for the Straw Hats Pirates. The highly anticipated closure of the epic fight between Luffy and Big Mom’s strongest Sweet Commander, Katakuri, finally happened in the recent installment of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series. However, escape from Big Mom’s territory is not yet guaranteed as the team will now be facing the rest of the Yonko’s forces.

King Cobra Vs. Sliced Mochi: Slayer

One Piece manga Chapter 896, which is already available on a number of online sites such as Manga Stream, finally revealed the result of the epic match between powerhouses Luffy and Katakuri. Previously, fans were left wondering what happened after the two fighters simultaneously launched their most powerful attacks against each other. Luffy launched a new Gear 4th move called Gomu Gomu no King Cobra, which is said to be a more powerful attack as it adds momentum to Luffy’s fist before hitting its target. Meanwhile, Katakuri released his Sliced Mochi: Slayer, which basically transforms his hand into a giant mace with sharp spikes.

Apparently, both attacks are powerful enough to knock down their intended targets, so the result could be considered a draw. However, while both Luffy and Katakuri were able to stand back up, the Sweet Commander eventually succumbed to his injuries that he fell down again and was unconscious.

There was some confusion as to how both parties were able to hurt each other in their latest exchange of attacks. The manga panels were not very clear on the point of impact; some fans speculated that it was probably the shockwaves generated by their moves which caused their injuries. However, YouTuber Gear 5 did a thorough review of the One Piece Chapter 896 and was able to show that there was indeed impact on both opponents. Luffy was hit on his head while Katakuri was hit on the right side of his chest.

Pekoms Helps Luffy Escape

Now that the epic fight is finally over, the upcoming One Piece Chapter 897 will focus on Luffy’s escape from the Mirror World and his rendezvous with the rest of the Straw Hats. Fortunately, Pekoms arrived just in time and, with Brulee in his hands, will no doubt help the Straw Hat captain escape the Mirror World.

However, escaping Big Mom’s territory will not be easy. The Yonko’s forces are well prepared and have even gathered on Cacao Island to stop Luffy in case he manages to defeat Katakuri. With a confrontation bound to happen, expect more action when One Piece Chapter 897 arrives later this week.

New Villain To Be Introduced In Wano Arc

Meanwhile, fans can expect more exciting developments to come with the arrival of a new arc in the manga series. While it is not expected to happen in the upcoming One Piece Chapter 897, fans can already look forward to the appearance of a new villain.

This has already been hinted at by the series’ creator Eiichiro Oda, according to Comic Book. At the Jump Festa 2018, Oda apologized to fans of the delay of the arc, which is called the Wano arc. Originally, he thought that the manga would enter into the arc as early as 2017.

“I’ll introduce one of the legends which lurks in the One Piece world,” Oda explained to fans. “The greatest enemy ever for Straw Hats will hinder their way. Perhaps it will be related to Whitebeard. Oops, it seems I’m being too talkative. Can you believe Marineford Summit War will look ‘cute’ compared to that?”

Of course, the arrival of the new arc means that Luffy and the crew will have to resolve their fight against Big Mom Pirates soon. With the Yonko still as mad as ever, and with her forces bent on preventing Luffy and the Straw Hats from escaping, fans can still look forward to some action packed chapters up ahead.