‘One Piece’ Chapter 901: Sunny Destroyed But Straw Hats Survive, Big Mom’s Flashbacks Not A Good Sign

One Piece Chapter 901 is an installment that fans just can’t afford to miss after that surprising twist introduced in the previous chapter. Just as everyone thought that the Straw Hats’ escape is already in the bag, Oda managed to surprise fans with a totally unexpected development that had them wondering what happened to the Straw Hats and the Germa 66. In fact, some fans are even questioning if giving Big Mom the delicious wedding cake may not be a good thing at all.

How The Straw Hats Might Survive

One Piece Chapter 900, which is already available on a number of manga sites such as Manga Stream, shocked everyone with its unexpected twist. Previously, fans were somehow already expected the Straw Hats to successfully escape from the Yonko’s territory considering the fact that Sanji and Luffy are already on board the Sunny, the seemingly invincible Vinsmokes have arrived with their clone army and the Jinbe’s former comrades, the Sun Pirates, making a path for the Straw Hats to escape.

However, the previous installment showed that it is never that easy to escape from a Yonko’s territory. With Big Mom’s forces alone, the situation has been quickly reversed that fans can’t expect the Straw Hats to make a clean getaway in the coming One Piece Chapter 901. The Germa 66 suffered some serious damage thanks to special bullets capable of penetrating their tough skins while the Sun Pirates were hindered from giving assistance to the escaping Straw Hats when Oven unleashed his technique which heated up the sea to unbearable levels.

But the worst hit of all was the Straw Hat Pirates on board the Sunny. Queen Mam Chanter, the flagship of Big Mom’s fleet finally arrived and promptly bombarded the escaping ship. The chapter ended with Sunny’s tattered flag floating in the water, which is a big hint that fans should expect the ship to be totally destroyed in One Piece Chapter 901.

But that does not mean that all of the Straw Hats have perished as pointed out by Youtuber Chibi Reviews. While there is no question about Sunny’s destruction, one way the crew could possibly escape death is with the help of Jinbe. Everyone on board is most likely underwater at the moment but, with Jinbe’s sea-based technique, they just might be able to survive. However, escape still remains a distant possibility at this point.

Big Mom’s Flashbacks

Meanwhile, as everyone is busy killing each other, Big Mom was having the time of her life eating the super delicious cake made by Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon. In fact, the cake was that good, that it somehow transported the Yonko back to the time when she celebrated her birthday with Mother Caramel and the rest of the orphaned children.

Eating the wedding cake made her so feel happy that she seems to be having hallucinations imagining the past birthday event. But of course, everyone knows that an overly happy Big Mom is not necessarily a good thing. Back then, her emotion overwhelmed to the point that she ate everything including her friends and Mother Caramel. Will fans see a repeat of Big Mom’s dark deed and eat everyone else?

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a bit longer this time before they find out. The team is currently on a break this week which means that One Piece Chapter 901 will be released the week after. Stay tuned.