Universal Studios Kicks Family Out Because Dad Wore Police Shirt

Universal Studios kicked a family out of their park because the father wore a police shirt.

Christian Jarosz had gone to Universal Studios with his family to treat his teenage daughter to a Blue Man Group concert, when park security told him he couldn’t wear a T-shirt that said “Police Crime Street Unit” in the park. The visit was supposed to be a surprise for his daughter’s 16th birthday, and it ended up a nightmare.

The South Florida family had their day out destroyed as they headed to the concert and were surrounded by security personnel, who told Jarosz that he needed to head to the gift shop and buy a different shirt because he couldn’t wear the one he had at Universal Studios.

The problem with the shirt was that only qualified personnel were allowed to wear anything identifying them as police of any kind inside the park, and the dad’s shirt was a clear violation of the park’s rules. They approached the gift shop, intending to buy a new shirt from Universal Studios, and the family was kicked out when even more security showed up.

The Universal Studios theme park officers simply told them at that point not to bother buying the shirt, and they were out of there. Christian Jarosz asked them what they were talking about, but it was no use.

The man’s daughter wondered at that point why they were doing this, since all she wanted to do was go with her friends to see the Blue Man Group. She was excited that her family took her there, when Universal Studios kicked the family out.

Family kicked out of Universal Studios just wanted to see Blue Man Group

It was later explained about the rules involving the shirt, but by then the damage had been done. Christian Jarosz said that the police shirt had been a gift from his brother, who was a police officer in New York.

Eventually the family that got kicked out of Universal Studios was given a refund for their concert tickets.

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