Ohio Man Gets ‘Idiot Sign’ Punishment After Threatening Police Officers

An Ohio man acted like an idiot, and, well, he has the sign to prove it.

Richard Dameron, 58, was ordered to wear an “idiot sign” for a week by a Cleveland judge who was not amused by his recent antics. Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr handed out his week long “idiot sign” sentence after Dameron got drunk and started threatening police officers.

Carr had Dameron pen an apology to the officers and then had him stand outside of a Cleveland police station with the sign around his neck.

The Ohio man’s idiot sign reads: “I apologize to officer Simone and all officers for being an idiot and calling 911 threatening to kill you. I’m sorry and it will never happen again.”

Dameron began his public penance on Monday and will spend three hours a day for the next week on display.

The NY Daily News reports that Dameron will spend three hours outside of the police station for the next week. The Ohio man may not enjoy wearing the idiot sign but he did say that he was truly sorry for the incident.

Dameron said: “I was under the influence of alcohol, very deeply into it. We just got to rambling off, acting like fools… I do feel bad about it, cause the man’s never done nothing to me.”

In addition to the idiot sign, Dameron was also ordered to pay $250 to cover court costs and spend 90 days in jail.

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