Woman Carded For Offensive Weapon, A Plastic Flyswatter

One English woman from the town of Hampshire was shockingly carded for purchasing an “offensive” weapon.

What was this offensive weapon she was attempting to purchase? You guessed it, a flyswatter. A very deadly flyswatter!

According to Daily Echo, Nicola Butcher, 33, stated “The person at the till asked me if I had any ID as it had come up as an offensive weapon.”

Butcher went on to say, “I can understand why you would ask for ID when you were buying fireworks or alcohol, but not a fly swat.”

The mother of one didn’t seem all that worried about the situation, sharing a laugh with the hardware store workers.

“I just laughed – I couldn’t believe it. To be fair the person behind the till was also laughing but I had to get my driving license out to show her.”

We can understand knifes, and other weapons being considered an offensive weapon, but a flyswatter?

Butcher even went on to say, “How can an innocent plastic fly swat be an offensive weapon?

“It’s ridiculous, what is the world coming to when you can’t buy a fly swat without producing ID for it.”

I guess you can never be too safe in these day and ages.

When asked about the situation, MSN Now reported that Lindsey Waude, assistant manager at the store said:

“We think it might be an error on our till system. Sometimes it flashes up that something is an offensive weapon, but our guy who does the computers has been on his honeymoon for three weeks.”

It may be about time to find a back up computer guy for these moments when there may be a bug in the system.

You really can’t be too careful, and with a last name like Butcher could be rather intimidating!

At least Nicola Butcher got a good laugh out of the situation after being carded for purchasing a flyswatter that was marked as an offensive weapon.

[photo credit: MrFredFedora via photopin cc]