Syria Intervention Approval Very Low, Worse Than Congress [Poll]

The U.S. is incredibly close to taking the unstable and violent situation in Syria into their own hands, but a new poll shows that almost no one in America wants their military used in yet another conflict abroad.

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows that just nine percent of Americans approve of a potential Syria intervention by the Obama administration, human rights violations be damned. According to Real Clear Politics, Congress has about a 15 percent approval rating.

So Congress, the least popular political subject in the country, is nearly twice as popular as the idea of a Syria intervention.

The poll was taken the same week reports suggesting that Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people, killing hundreds or thousands of civilians. In the words of Max Fisher at The Washington Post, “If there were ever a time that Americans would support some sort of action, you’d think this would be it.”

Instead, the message from a majority of Americans seems to be “let them burn” with over 60 percent opposing intervention.

The rest say they don’t know.

One odd finding in the survey showed that 25 percent would actually support intervention if Assad uses chemical weapons. The U.S. announced back in June that they believed Assad had done this already.

This goes to show how little American citizens really know about the Middle East, and perhaps, how much they outright assume with zero information. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying over there, and not just in Syria. But who cares, Ben Affleck is Batman.

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