Chocolate Castle Built On Brighton Beach

Sand castles are common on beaches, but a chocolate castle? Not so normal! But oh so welcomed on England’s Brighton Beach.

Now answer this, which would you really want to run into while enjoying a day at the beach?

According to MSN Now, the oh so sweet structure appeared on England’s Brighton Beach after five people spent 100 hours sticking 90,000 Dairy Milk Pebbles onto the castle’s surface.

The castle went up as part of a publicity stunt by Cadbury, which trucked in the calorific castle just in time for the holiday weekend.

A spokesperson said: “We just wanted to do something special for the Bank Holiday for families and to add a touch of extra fun for Cadbury World.

“We shot it at Brighton as a nod to their pebbly beach so it was displayed there for a bit then made its way to its ‘home’ in Bournville, Birmingham – a little pit stop.”

In other food related news, The Inquisitr recently reported on a new all-bacon restaurant.

“Burke’s Bacon Bar is the latest innovation from the famous chef, and opened this week in Chicago’s River North neighborhood.

“Though it’s not technically an all-bacon restaurant, it’s as close a thing as this country has ever seen.”

Chef David Burke is known as one of the country’s most experimental, if eccentric, chefs. He has invented such strangeness as salmon pastrami, cheesecake lollipops, and tuna tartare.

An all-bacon restaurant… a chocolate castle… what is this world coming to? In my opinion, a little happier place!

MSN Now reported that the castle was made with the help of a special structure that also included 500 pounds of fondant icing and masses of powdered sugar.

The chocolate castle was admired by many, and those that spent the 100 hours building it deserve some major kudos because the chocolate castle on England’s Brighton Beach was definitely something sweet.

[Image by Joanna Victoria]

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