All Bacon Restaurant: Exactly What It Sounds Like, Glorious

Chicago, IL – Bacon lovers are encouraged to pay the Windy City a visit to check out a new all-bacon restaurant. It opened recently, after Chef David Burke finally wrapped his head around the secret of all life… bacon truly does make everything better.

Burke’s Bacon Bar is the latest innovation from the famous chef, and opened this week in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Though it’s not technically an all-bacon restaurant, it’s as close a thing as this country has ever seen.

What’s holding it back? One veggie sandwich. The Smoked Eggplant Meatball Parmesan. Bacon can be added for a buck, but in my mind, why would a vegetarian ever even wander into such a place?

Anyway, the restaurant’s menu offers nine total mini-sandwiches (eight of which contain bacon) a few sides, desserts and salads, about half of which contain bacon.

Like we said above, this is the closest thing to an all-bacon restaurant we’ve ever seen. The Huffington Post reports that there were plans to open one back in 2009 in Atlanta, but it didn’t pan out.

Canada already has an all-bacon restaurant called Rashers, which opened last year. There are also a handful of all-bacon food trucks roaming the country, but a restaurant on wheels is no restaurant to me.

Chef David Burke is known as one of the country’s most experimental, if eccentric, chefs. He has invented such strangeness as salmon pastrami, cheesecake lollipops, and tuna tartare.

If you’re near Chicago and love bacon, now you know exactly where to find it.

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