Philadelphia Building Collapse Leads To Frantic Rescue Effort [Live Feed]

A Philadelphia building collapse in downtown Philly has left as many as 10 people trapped beneath the rubble.

Rescue workers were quick to arrive at the scene of the collapse where dozens of people have already been rescued.

The Philly building collapse occurred around 10:45 am (local time), and early reports suggest the building collapse was the result of an industrial accident.

Philadelphia Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers originally claimed that rescuers were searching for 8 to 10 individuals. A new report suggests that up to 12 people could be trapped in the building’s basement.

A live report (embedded below) suggests that police are investigating the Philadelphia building collapse, but they have no reason to believe the collapse was the result of terrorism.

On the scene are various rescue workers from fire departments, police stations, and local construction companies.

One property located at the location is the Salvation Army Thrift Store. The building also housed several apartments. It is not clear at this time if anyone was in their apartment at the time of the building collapse.

The collapse caused workers form nearby buildings to leave their jobs and head out into the streets to discover the source of the loud collapse.

The building collapse caused Market Street to close from 20th to 23rd Street.

The building next door to the collapse was under demolition and the building had permits from Philadelphia’s Licenses and Inspections office.

Watch the feed below to keep track of any breaking news from the Philadelphia Building collapse.

We still do not know at this time what type of accident caused the building to collapse. Officials are questioning the demolishing crew from the neighboring building.

Update – 10:59 AM (Central): Philadelphia Police are using a large excavating machine to find extra survivors. A police Sergeant says 11 people have been pulled from the rubble, and they are looking for two more survivors.