Philadelphia Mom Allegedly Beat Up Daughter’s Bully

Philadelphia, PA – Local police state they have an unreleased video of an elementary student’s mother confronting her daughter’s 11-year-old bully while on school grounds around 10 am Friday.

According to authorities, 26-year-old Attifa Brown had been arrested while on school property of A.B. Anderson Elementary School in Cobbs Creek where her daughter attends, because Brown allegedly assaulted an 11-year-old female student she believes was bullying her child.

Now Brown is facing a long list of charges – terroristic threats, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and defiant trespass, reports a local NBC News affiliate.

In Brown’s defense, she argues being upset over the mistreatment of her daughter with little being done by officials to remedy the situation – a situation she instead took into her own adult hands – a lesson to her own child on standing up and defending herself. But Brown claims she didn’t lay a hand on the other child.

Bobby Webster, the mother of the 11-year-old says the video shows otherwise, “The tape showed this lady over my daughter for minutes, poking her in the face, pulling her hair and beating her.” Webster also asserts her child is not a bully.

Lieutenant John Walker of the Philadelphia police said, “The problem here is that we have a 26-year-old mother who has no reason to approach an 11-year-old child, so her credibility as far as I’m concerned is shot.”

School officials are currently investigating how Brown was able to walk into the school without signing in or without being questioned. Brown admits it’s relatively easy to move about within the school as they do not require visitors to check in.

This is not the first incident where a parent has overreacted harshly towards a would-be bully. Last September, a Florida mother was caught on a school bus camera attacking a 17-year-old bully who had been regularly tormenting her teenage son. Just prior to the maternal assault the so-called bully had beaten her 15-year-old. In that case, the mother was charged with child abuse and trespassing on school property, but she expressed having “no regrets” over the incident.

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