Michael Boggan: 15-Year-Old Has Hands Blown Off By Bullies’ Homemade Bomb

Michael Boggan lost most of his hands when bullies set off a homemade bomb near the 15-year-old autistic boy.

Now Boggan’s mother wants the bullies to face attempted murder charges. The incident happened in Brisbane, Australia on Friday afternoon. Police said Boggan was sitting with a group of friends when someone tossed him the homemade bomb. It exploded in his hands as a two boys ran away.

Rebecca, Michael Boggan’s mother, said the bullies were trying to kill her son when they threw the bomb to him.

“Horrific injuries. His hands are just bones and skin and he just kept saying ‘wake me up, wake me up’,” Boggan told Channel 10.

Three other teenagers were taken to a local hospital with minor injuries after the explosion. Police questioned them but did not press charges against any of them.

The bomb was described as a golf ball packed with chemicals and shrapnel. The bullies claimed it had heroin inside, but it detonated when Michael shook it.

“I’ve only got the pinkie and three fingers. Nothing else,” Michael Boggan told Channel 7. “All I remember is I was shaking it up a little bit and then boom I couldn’t see or hear.”

Reports said the boys had been bullying Michael for some time, but they had once been “on and off friends.” Michael’s mother said her son was only trying to be friendly when they approached him on Friday.

Michael’s stepfather said all the 15-year-old wanted was to fit in.

“He would come home sometimes and he had been in fights with other kids and he’s come home angry … because no one liked him and they just kept treating him like crap,” Michael Clifton told The Courier-Mail.

After having his hands blown off by the bullies’ bomb, Michael Boggan faces a long recovery of reconstructive surgeries. He already endured nine hours of surgery after the initially blast.