‘Chunky’ Cheerleader Responds To Blogger: ‘I’m A Size Four’ [Video]

“Chunky” cheerleader Kelsey Williams has responded to a blog that suggested she was too weighty to be an Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader.

Appearing on Wednesday’s Good Morning America, Williams admitted to being “embarrassed and devastated” after reading the words of CBS Houston blogger Claire Crawford, who criticized her for “having ‘pudginess’ around her waistline.”

Williams, who’s been waving her pom-poms in the NBA for three years, told the breakfast TV show, “I got online and was reading the article and my heart sank. I was definitely embarrassed and just devastated.”

When asked what she’d like to say to Crawford, the “chunky” cheerleader responded:

“Shame on you. I mean, you are a woman. You know exactly what we all go through on a daily basis just being a woman. Shame on you.”

Williams added that she works out “three to four” hours a day, and wears a size four. “I’ve always had more of an athletic build, different than the slender ballerina that some people may think of as a dancer,” she explained. “That’s just not me.”

The Oklahoma City native hasn’t been deterred from cheerleading altogether, but did admit her first on-court appearance after the Crawford’s post went viral was difficult:

“My first game back, I was really scared. I had a feeling a lot of people would be looking for me, just because I’m me now. […] I had a huge knot in my stomach [before going on court]. But once I was back on court, it felt normal. It felt good to be back.”

However, Williams seems to have forgiven Crawford. She told GMA:

“I have so much love in me. Sending hate her way would do nothing. What’s done is done. I’m just going to keep my chin up.”

As it happens, CBS Houston wasn’t so tolerant: Crawford has reportedly been fired since posting her blog.

You can watch the so-called “chunky” cheerleader’s response below: