Oklahoma City Thunder Cheerleader Kelsey Williams Called Too Chunky

Kelsey Williams, an Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleader, was called out last week with this harsh question: “Is this chick ‘too chunky’ to be a cheerleader?” CBS Houston sports blogger Anna-Megan Raley, who writes under the pen name of Claire Crawford, claimed that people in Oklahoma are complaining that the blonde is a tad pudgy around the waistline. Meow.

CBS Houston removed the Mean Girls style post after complaints from outraged fans.

The infamous item included a rather harsh poll that asked readers to vote on what they thought about Kelsey Williams’ figure. One of the choices was “She has no business wearing that outfit in front of people.”

Just in case you couldn’t figure out what Crawford thought of Williams’ shape, she spelled it out in words of one syllable: “[N]ot every man likes women to be toothpick skinny. I’d say most men prefer a little extra meat on her bones.”

I don’t know how men read a comment like that, but women know that the blogger just called Kelsey Williams F-A-T fat.

Now I don’t know about you, but I just don’t see it. Yet, if there’s a personal history between the two women, it hasn’t been revealed to the public.

It has been reported that Crawford A.K.A. Raley once tried out to be a cheerleader herself. Hmm. Jealous and bitter much?

Since the words “healthy” and “womanly” are also too often used as code words for being overweight, I have mixed feelings about the blonde beauty’s initial Twitter response:

After fans pointed out that she couldn’t reasonably be considered all that big, she had a happier update:

Here’s a photo posted by Kelsey Williams on Twitter. Now maybe she picked out the most flattering image, but I think you’d have to have a pretty wild imagination to call her “too chunky to cheer” for the NBA.

Kelsey Williams Twitter photo

What’s your take on the Kelsey Williams Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleading debate?

[Oklahoma City Thunder versus Celtics photo by Yzukerman via Creative Commons]

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