Elizabeth Hurley Rocks Low-Neck Top & Calls Herself A 'Demented Housewife,' Ex Hugh Grant Has Funny Response

Treva Bowdoin

Elizabeth Hurley stunned in a casual look while sharing her sweet new hobby with her Twitter followers on Sunday. She seemed to suggest that she's gone a bit overboard with her newfound love of marmalade-making, which prompted her famous ex, actor Hugh Grant, to crack a short but humorous joke about what she's been doing with Seville oranges.

Elizabeth, 55, shared a photo of herself at home. The Austin Powers star flaunted her fantastic figure in a casual outfit that consisted of skintight blue jeans and a sparkly white sweater cardigan with gold trim. The top bared a glimpse of her midriff, and its neckline plunged down low to showcase her ageless décolletage. She left a few of the piece's metallic buttons undone so that the center gore of her beige bra was visible. Her lustrous, brunette hair was styled in flowy waves.

The British actress posed in front of a window with a view of her green garden and its well-manicured hedges. She held a jar of marmalade in each hand as she smiled at the camera. In her tweet, Elizabeth revealed that she has made 47 jars of the sweet spread while under quarantine, and she plans on producing more. Her obsession had her jokingly describing herself as a "demented housewife."

Hugh retweeted her post, and he seemed to suggest that his ex's love of orange marmalade makes her the ideal candidate for a starring role in the next Paddington movie.

"Seriously. It's about time for that bear to get a third movie. Liz would fit right in," wrote one fan in response to his tweet.

"The reunion we never knew we needed," another Twitter user commented.

His followers also couldn't resist making a few cracks about Elizabeth's pic.

"Can't take my eyes of those jars," tweeted one person.

"I think Paddington has been doing her laundry, her cardigan has shrunk," read another tweet.

During an interview with E! News, Elizabeth described her ex-boyfriend as her "best friend for life" and "a really great guy," even though he cheated on her. Their relationship of 13 years ended in 2000, but their split was an amicable one. Elizabeth even asked The Four Weddings and a Funeral star to be the godfather of her son, Damian.