‘The Matrix’ Animated According A Mom On YouTube [Video]

The Matrix was recently remade by a guy on YouTube who animated it according to what his mom remembered.

The Matrix was originally about Neo, the anomaly who is born to counter Agent Smith and free the world from a virtual reality simulation. However, YouTube user PixelsPerSecond asked his mom what the film was about, and he made an animated version of what she remembered.

The retelling starts out with him saying, “Mom, how was The Matrix?”

His mom says, “I don’t know if I could say I liked it. I did have to close my eyes.”

He asks, “Can you tell me the story from beginning to end?”

His mom replies, “The movie starts with a young woman who has superpowers.”

We see Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) entering a phone booth and changing from a plain-clothes woman to her leather outfit and sunglasses.

“Has excellent Judo skills, jumping skills, flying skills.”

We see Trinity wrestling someone on a dojo mat, and then jumping in front of a cop and then taking off straight up.

“She ends up at a bar, and at this bar is Neo.”

We see Trinity landing on the set of Cheers and walking up to Keanu Reeves sitting on a stool in plain clothes, completely unshaven.

“He is the one who can beat out the Matrix. He followed her, it gets a little tangled. He meets up with one of the humans who are left on the computer.”

Trinity flies off out of the bar and then we see Keanu Reeves’s face with sunglasses on the box art for Tangled, with a bit of a Mister Fantastic thing going on. Then they both show up in their sunglasses and outfits and meet Lawrence Fishburne, who stands on a desktop computer next to his chair.

He asks, “Who’s that?”

She says, “Moshimo, and Moshimo offers him a blue pill or a red pill.”

The rest of the video is above.

What do you think of the YouTube retelling of The Matrix by PixelsPerSecond‘s mom?