Katherine Schwarzenegger Reveals One Of The Things She Was Most Nervous About Upon Marrying Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger were married last spring and the couple could not be happier. Schwarzenegger, who recently turned 30-years-old, looked back on one moment that caused her a bit of anxiety as she prepared to marry Pratt. She was particularly worried about how Pratt would interact with one very special member of her family, her beloved dog Maverick, according to Fox News.

Maverick plays a very important part in Schwarzenegger's life, thus it was very important to her that Pratt got along well with him. She explained that she thinks anyone who has a pet can relate to that moment of worry that perhaps their beloved furry friend won't get along well with their significant other. However, it turned out that Schwarzenegger had nothing to fear because Pratt and Maverick quickly bonded.

"I think when you introduce your dog as a dog parent to anybody new in your life, it's nerve-racking, especially when it's somebody that you care deeply about and that you love. You always want to make sure that it goes smoothly. And Maverick is very protective of me and my family, so it was just a nerve-racking experience and that happens with anyone that I introduce him to. I think a lot of dog parents can relate to that feeling. But it went over very well. I feel really lucky and blessed that everybody gets along really well."
Schwarzenegger is a big advocate for animals, often reminding prospective pet owners that adding a new pet to the family is a big responsibility. In recent interviews, she explained that taking care of animals as she grew up even prepared her for caring for her own children one day.Pratt and Schwarzenegger are enjoying life as a newly married couple, with the plan of having more kids in the near future. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the loving couple plans to have kids sooner than later, and lots of them. Pratt already has one child, a 7-year-old son named Jack Pratt whom he shares with his former wife, Anna Farris. Farris and Pratt were married for nine years, officially divorcing in 2018. They currently share custody of young Jack.

Inside sources claim that Pratt and Schwarzenegger want their family to include a lot of kids and they are hoping to get started in the coming year. Schwarzenegger is reportedly hoping to get pregnant in early 2020. Meanwhile, Pratt is ready to shift his primary focus away from his career so he is free to soak up every moment with his family.