D'Arcy Carden Says Ending 'The Good Place' Feels Right

All good things must come to an end, and that includes the shows that have become fan favorites, including the sitcom The Good Place. But D'Arcy Carden, who plays Janet says it's a positive thing that the show will be ending on top after one more season.

PageSix says that Carden understands why people will be sad, but believes that it's the right time for the series to wrap up on its own terms, but it still feels like a breakup, in the way that it's sad it's coming to an end, but it's best to end it positively and as friends.

The show's creator, Michael Schur, made the official announcement this week that The Good Place would wrap after this upcoming season. Carden admits that the cast found out that the show would end after four seasons last fall, but they kept the secret.

She adds that they are halfway through filming the final season, and of course there have been some tears, as things have gotten emotional on the set.

"Everything is very final. Kristen [Bell] and I are the criers of the group and everything is like, 'It's our last first table read of the season. Every time a director is done with an episode, it's not just like, 'OK, well, we will probably see you next season or whatever.' It's like, 'Goodbye forever, we will never see you again.'"
Carden admits that being part of The Good Place has been a great experience, and it always makes an actor nervous to think that things will never be that good again.
"I am so in love with this group of people … They're all so fantastic and lovely to work with. You just kind of worry you'll never get something as good again."
In her role as Janet, Carden has played a robot, and had to channel the four other characters as a mimic, leaving her plate full, says The Hollywood Reporter. In one episode, Carden played Kristen Bell's jaded Eleanor, William Jackson Harper's nervous Chidi, Jameela Jamil's snooty Tahani and Manny Jacinto's dimwitted Jason — all in an episode that had to have given Carden whiplash.

While there are references about how to play certain characters, the idea of playing a robot in a comedy in a realistic way is uncharted territory, but Carden has done it flawlessly and seemingly with ease. Carden says that Janet is the longest role she's ever played and now feels like she knows her.