Student Sleuth Records Beloved Teacher Rummaging Through Backpacks

Linden, CA – A Linden High School sophomore went undercover and captured damning cell phone footage of a teacher rummaging through students’ belongings.

Students had noticed items disappearing from their backpacks throughout the year, primarily after gym class.

Teen detective Justine Betti, decided to hide out in a locker in the Linden High School gymnasium in hopes of nabbing a recidivist looter who has been stealing cash and personal items from students.

After bearing witness to the alleged culprit in the act and feeling obligated to do something, Betti hid out again, this time with a cell phone camera recording everything that transpired.

An additional camera, in a separate locker, was trained on a locker-room bench of staged backpacks. The footage, intentionally blurred to protect the identity of the accused, clearly shows a woman pawing through a line of backpacks and palming items as she does so. The accused looter is a beloved near 30 year veteran teacher at the high school.

Fueled with a need for justice, Justine reported the incident to the school principal. Justine was told it would be looked into and to delete the video, according to ABC News.

Playing devil’s advocate, some speculate the female teacher, whose identity hasn’t been revealed, was performing a simple search. But many agree to do so without the students’ present is very suspicious.

The students are disappointed and shocked, as the teacher accused is one of their favorites. But the teenagers feel their privacy has been violated, and, regardless of the favoritism, the teacher should be punished.

The unidentified educator is on paid leave until the school district concludes its own investigation.